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Managed Services Offerings

Wonolo offers a white glove solution for customers looking to simplify operations. Our specialized support team can regularly manage job postings and complete post-job administration work based on your custom needs, direction, and feedback.

Getting Started

Whether you have a high volume of jobs to oversee or simply don't have the bandwidth to implement the scalable workforce you need, our team is ready to address the unique challenges of your business and develop a custom strategy.

Speak with our team to learn how we can enable you to succeed! 

Rely on dedicated Wonolo experts for end-to-end job management, so you can focus on your bottom line. 


Why choose Managed Services? 


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What can we do for you? 


Streamlining Your Operations


Gain confidence with customization - We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to your operations. We'll partner with you on customized posting schedules, job approval processes, and more. Additionally, we'll ensure your processes are updated as your business evolves. 

Tell us about the jobs you want to post and Wonolo handles the rest. From posting to editing to canceling job postings when necessary.

Job Management

Post-Job Reconciliation

Share feedback for your ongoing jobs and we’ll take care of approving completed jobs, adjusting payment and hours, and more within the app.

You're in control of your worker preferences. We'll help create your list of Preferred Wonoloers to easily invite them back or block workers that might not be the best fit. 

Worker Preference

Save time, and consequently money - Focusing on management responsibilities instead of administrative duties will save you time and drive your KPIs. 

Receive top-tier support - We have a fully-staffed Managed Services team available 7 days a week for modernized, tailor-made support that doesn't sacrifice quality.



Industries Where Our Customers Operate

Warehouse Operations

General Labor


Food Prep & Production


Retail Merchandising

Cleaning & Housekeeping

Event Staffing

We're excited to learn about the goals of your business.