Britt Miller

Britt Miller

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You may be in the thick of holiday parties, or just trying to make it to the New Year. Either way, 2019 will be here before we know it! So, let’s take a moment to think about ways we can start the year off right.

Organize Your Time

Do you have trouble staying on task? Or just have too much to do that you’re totally overwhelmed? Check out these apps to help you track your time and daily goals. Each has its own unique quality and user experience, all aimed at one thing: keeping you organized. Just like picking the perfect paper planner, now there are digital options too!

24me personal assistant app – If you’re looking for a nice simple calendar view, with bright colors to grab your attention, that’s what you’ll find here. 24me also allows you to seamlessly craft a view that works for you. It’s a great starter to sort out the basics.

Remember the milk – Great if you want to integrate all of your inboxes and other apps. They recently released a version that works perfectly with your Apple watch too!

Todoist – This app boasts users from companies like Google and Raytheon. Check out their video success stories and see if it’s the app you’ve been missing.

Wunderlist – If you want something that is capable of organizing different types of actions like taking notes, printing to-do lists, or checking your calendar(s) quick, this one is for you.

Organize your finances

Financial planning is a reality for all of us. Money comes and goes, bills, trips, emergencies, all need to be properly managed, it can be a lot for anyone. If you’re looking to gain better control over how you manage and track your money check out these apps:

Wally – Balance your income and expenses and set financial goals. There is science behind setting goals, crushing them, and being happy, so why not give this goal a-go?

Anishu – Track your money and investments with this. It has some premium features that may be worth looking into if you want a more substantially capable app.

Mint – A little bit of everything, from budgeting to credit checks, and beyond. It is easy to use and gives you a comprehensive look into your current and future financial potential.

Mvelopes – A pay-to-use app, but they also offer financial advice so it may be worth checking out a starter version to see if it’s a fit for you.

Enhance your digital security

Lastpass – we all have a million passwords; passwords we may forget, need to update, or share with others. That’s why this app is the perfect replacement for your random notes for lists of passwords. It also prompts you, when you create new passwords, to save on them the spot. If you aren’t already using this, your life may just change when you do.

Silent Circle (Android, iOS) ($9.95/month) – Silent Circle is “a secure-communications software and hardware, such as the Blackphone, and it has also developed its own secure mobile-messaging platform. Silent Phone (AndroidiOS) provides encrypted video and voice calls, as well as encrypted, self-destructing messaging and file transfers. Encryption keys are held by subscribers themselves, not by Silent Circle, so while your encrypted messages may pass through Silent Circle’s network, the company can’t read your data.” In today’s era of tech hacks, it’s no wonder there’s a phone to prevent just that.

While no one app will solve all of your organization troubles, I hope this list gives you a tiny head start into your 2019 goals.

BONUS: Didn’t find what you needed? Try looking into meditation apps like Aura, or Calm. Need to get your fitness game on? There are apps from everything to reminding you to drink more water and get your steps in too. Cheers to a better version of YOU friends!