• Wonolo

We all know hiring top talent is one of the most important aspects of building a successful company.  Recruiters (or talent acquisition professionals) play a critical role in helping companies find and win exceptional people.  Yet, the role of recruiters is often underappreciated.  

So, we put together 20 best memes to commemorate all the hard work recruiters do every day so that the rest of the company can sleep better at night.


  • Day 1 of your search: you get super excited and optimistic…


  • And the first set of job applications hits your inbox, and you are feeling pretty good



  • Then, you get more resumes from unqualified candidates while the good ones are not returning your calls…



  • You also have to be comfortable with rejections from candidates



  • Asking for a referral from your network is an art, not a science



  • Out of the blue, your team changes the job description and you have to redo your search



  • You interview candidates who look amazing on paper, but they are utterly disappointing in person…



  • Sometimes, things that candidates say during interviews keep you entertained



  • Or not…



  • In the meantime, your boss constantly breathes down on your neck if you fill the position already



  • And your candidate pipeline is getting smaller each day



  • You are pounding the table for candidates you bring in, but your team is like…



  • And because your team is taking forever to make a decision, your top candidate accepts a job with your competitor



  • You start feeling hopeless…



  • After some soul searching, however, you bounce back and start getting traction again



  • Then, you hear their compensation expectation



  • Finally, you make an offer, but the candidate turns you down with an incredulous lie



  • When you close the highly desirable candidate that every recruiter has been chasing after



  • Your team thanks you and you want to act cool, but can’t



  • And you go home feeling like being a recruiter is the best job in the world