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  • How HR and Opts can work together.

Finding frontline workers can be a tough job in any economy, but it is especially difficult as the U.S. economy reopens after the pandemic. It is a competitive labor market, with many companies reporting they are unable to find the qualified workers they need. Many are turning to temporary staffing solutions to help with the search. However, businesses still need to build an efficient and effective system that enables HR and Operations teams to work together to streamline finding the right workers for the right jobs.

1. Collaborate on Job Postings

Coordination and collaboration between Ops and HR teams are essential when it comes to crafting the perfect job posting. Postings for open jobs need to be accurate and clear, or else you run the risk of getting unqualified workers, or worse, no workers interested in the job. Unclear job postings can be a big source of friction between HR and Operations, as the Operations team struggles to find the right workers and HR may not fully know the type of worker the business needs based on the unclear job posting. That’s why close collaboration on an accurate job posting is so important. 

2. Work With Your Favorite Workers Again and Again

No-shows can be a big issue for companies, especially in a competitive labor market. You’ve gone through the entire process of finding a worker, just for them to disappear before their first job. Or you find a worker you like and then they simply stop showing up with no heads-up. These are both costly and disappointing situations. That’s why it can be a gamechanger to have access to Wonolo’s platform which connects you to numerous locally available and experienced workers, including ones you have worked with before. 

The Preferred Wonoloer feature on the Wonolo platform enables you to give one or more workers priority access to your job postings before others. This greatly increases the likelihood that workers you have worked with before and are more familiar with your business will accept a future job that you post on the Wonolo platform. Plus, this feature can help give you some peace of mind as you will know what to expect from the workers that you are engaging with based on your prior experiences with them. 

3. Use Wonolo to Efficiently Find Experienced Workers 

Sifting through resumes and conducting interviews can be very time-consuming for HR teams. There are many steps to the process, including posting the job listing, filtering through applications, reaching out to candidates, scheduling interviews, gathering feedback from the hiring team, and then making an offer. That is a lot to handle, especially if you’re hiring a large amount of workers at the same time. 

Wonolo is a New Way to Find the Workers You Need 

If you are struggling to find workers, it may be time to partner with a new kind of staffing solution. Wonolo offers an online platform that connects locally available and experienced workers with companies who are looking to quickly fill short-term jobs. Your HR and Operations team can easily post the exact qualifications they are looking for on the Wonolo platform, and within minutes local workers can view the posting and accept it based on their availability, interests, and experience. This takes the pressure off of both teams and allows them to spend time on other more pressing activities. Using Wonolo is a win-win all around.