• 4 misconceptions about temp workers

Here at Wonolo, we work to connect temporary workers seeking flexible opportunities to companies offering short-term jobs. We know that there are some common misconceptions about temporary workers that could be holding some companies back from engaging these types of workers. If your company could benefit from engaging with temporary workers, but you haven’t yet done so for a variety of reasons, read on to dispel some misconceptions that may be holding you back.

Misconception 1: Temporary Workers Are Not Qualified 

Truth: Many temporary workers are highly qualified, and possess the necessary skill sets to complete the jobs they pick up.  They may choose temporary work because they are seeking flexibility or new experiences.

Just because someone is a temporary worker, that does not mean that they are not qualified or experienced in the field they work. Many people seek temporary work because they want the flexibility to work when they want, in order to pursue education, work multiple jobs, or take care of their family. Additionally, many people choose to engage in temporary work so they can have new experiences and learn what types of jobs suit their needs. So if you have needs for temporary workers, you can almost certainly find qualified ones in the labor market. 

Misconception 2: Temporary Workers Are Not Highly Skilled 

Truth: What kinds of skills you need from the worker you engage with will depend entirely on the job you are trying to fill. 

There are a huge variety of temporary workers. Some may fill certain frontline jobs that don’t require much previous experience. Others may fill frontline jobs that require some training and knowledge. Others still may pick up highly skilled jobs that take years of training and expertise. What is really important is that you find temporary workers who have the skill sets you are looking for to meet your business needs. You wouldn’t want to pay someone with highly technical skills for a job that doesn’t take any training. And you wouldn’t want someone who is just starting out to fill a highly skilled job. So it comes down to crafting a detailed, clear, and accurate description of your job so workers can decide whether they are a good fit. 

Misconception 3: Temporary Workers Degrade Company Culture

Truth: Management sets the tone for company culture, and great company culture can welcome all types of workers. 

Some managers get nervous that having temporary workers join and leave their business will erode their company culture, including a sense of community. But many companies regularly engage with temporary workers, and in fact, they find ways to make all workers feel welcome. 

Creating the type of company culture that you want can be difficult, and it takes a lot of planning and coordination from all sides of the business. When working with temporary workers this is especially true. It’s important to plan out how you will make them feel welcome and valued. These positive feelings and experiences should be available for everyone who steps foot inside your business. 

Misconception 4: Temporary Workers Are Unreliable

Truth: Reliability can be an issue with temporary workers and employees alike, but there are many ways to help reduce the likelihood of no-shows at your business. 

No-call, no-shows are always going to be an issue that is top of mind for businesses, especially in a competitive labor market. But there are many ways to help mitigate this issue. One way to ensure workers show up for their jobs is to offer competitive pay so that workers are not lured away by another offer before they even begin. You can also reduce no-show rates by fostering a positive working environment, so workers enjoy working with your company and are motivated to show up on time. Finally, you can incentivize attendance with prizes or bonuses, so you can show workers how meaningful their presence is to you and the company. A little appreciation can go a long way. 

Temporary Workers Can Help You Meet Your Goals

Temporary workers can be a big help to your business, especially when you have access to an online job marketplace like Wonolo. Wonolo can help you connect with workers who are qualified, with varying levels of experience, and ready to work. These workers can help you with seasonal demand and temporary spikes, so you are always prepared to handle whatever comes your way. With a solution like Wonolo in your back pocket, you can be assured that your business stays nimble and ready for anything.