• 4 ways to reduce no shows

When working with temporary staffing agencies, one of the major issues that companies face is no-show workers. When workers are scheduled to work but don’t show up, this can cause major logistical headaches. Companies are left without enough staff, and often have very little time to find replacement workers because they couldn’t anticipate the absence. 

In hot labor markets, no-shows can definitely be a big inconvenience. But the good news is that there are a few different strategies that companies can use to help reduce the impact of no-shows on their business. Wonolo has encouraged our own customers to implement many of these strategies to reduce no-shows for the jobs they post on the Wonolo platform, leading to a better experience for companies and workers alike. 

Strategy One: Offer a Living Wage 

In a competitive labor market, candidates will be comparing multiple offers and deciding which to go with. Offering a living wage shows your commitment to providing competitive compensation and caring for the workers at your company. The Living Wage, unlike the minimum wage, reflects the nuances of local economies because it is defined at the county level and takes into account the local costs of food, housing, medical care, cell phones, and a broad array of additional variables. Wonolo recently announced our Living Wage Pledge, encouraging all businesses that post jobs on the Wonolo platform to offer at least the hourly “living wage” by the end of 2021. Offering a living wage can give your company a big edge when it comes to attracting and retaining the best talent possible. 

Strategy Two: Cultivate a Positive Work Environment

It sounds simple: workers want to work somewhere they enjoy going and working at. But that can be pretty tricky to implement if you don’t put in the time and effort to cultivate a great work environment. It takes vision and hard work to make sure your business is a great place to work. But it is worth it because it is a big component of worker retention. If workers come to your business and find that they are disrespected or feel unwelcomed, they may decide it isn’t worth coming back. Worse, they may even tell their friends not to pick up a job with your company, because of their bad experience. Poor working experience can lead to a spiral of no-shows and worker retention issues. That’s why it is so essential to cultivate a positive work environment where individuals model respect, kindness, and inclusivity to everyone. That is the kind of environment that workers will want to be a part of.  

Strategy Three: Incentivize Attendance

Incentivizing attendance is a great way to show workers that you notice their efforts and appreciate their professionalism. Some possible incentives include prizes at the end of the workweek, attendance bonuses, raffles, or other additional compensation for workers who show up on time regularly. To some managers, this may seem juvenile, and they may say that all workers are expected to show up on time regularly, but that attitude can leave some workers feeling underappreciated. When workers feel underappreciated, they may be less incentivized to show up to work. 

Strategy Four: Reward Great Workers With More Opportunities

Rewarding great workers is a fantastic way to encourage them to show up on time to jobs. If you have worked with a great individual in the past, keep them in mind for future jobs and reward them with more opportunities. The “Preferred” feature on the Wonolo platform allows you to flag a worker as your “favorite”, so you can create a list of people you have worked with before and want to engage with again. Solutions like Wonolo’s “Preferred” feature can take a lot of the uncertainty out of engaging with temporary workers because you know you have previously worked with these people and are familiar with their job performance. Rewarding strong performers with the opportunity to work with you again can greatly reduce no-shows and other staffing issues.

Wonolo is a New Kind of On-Demand Staffing Solution

Here at Wonolo, our mission is to connect experienced workers seeking short-term opportunities with companies that need them. We leverage technology to help make this a better experience for workers and companies alike. Workers can find the right kind of opportunity for them, leveraging their skills while building new ones through each experience. Companies can find experienced, local individuals who are motivated and ready to get to work. This allows workers to find opportunities that work for them while allowing companies to fulfill their business needs in an easy and efficient manner. If you’re looking for temporary workers, Wonolo should be the first name on your list.