• 5 reasons to use the Wonolo platform

We know how difficult it can be to find a great solution to temporary staffing needs. With Wonolo you can save time and streamline your search all in one place. Finding the temporary workers you need is of the utmost importance when you’re trying to handle seasonal fluctuations and unexpected demand hikes. Plus, finding the temporary workers you need is more important than ever with a competitive labor market like the one we are facing post-pandemic. There are many reasons that companies and workers alike are drawn to the Wonolo platform. So let’s dive into the top reasons and explore what makes Wonolo is a great resource for finding temporary workers for your business.

Company Advantage: Ready-to-work, Workers Save You Time

Sourcing and interviewing candidates can take a huge amount of time, and we know how important it is to give that time back to the HR teams handling the process. Wonolo’s on-demand job marketplace helps companies solve this problem by skipping the time consumed by the screening and interview process, and, instead, connecting companies directly to workers with different skill sets and work experience through an easy-to-use platform. Wonolo’s on-demand job marketplace can help companies find workers based on the specific job duties that need to be performed. More importantly, workers using the Wonolo app trust Wonolo to connect them with great opportunities, and they are using Wonolo because they want to hit the ground running and get to work. That means companies get to work with motivated, excited individuals who are actively looking for work.

Worker Advantage: Flexible Work

Workers flock to Wonolo’s job marketplace because they can choose the opportunities that match where and when they want to work. This gives them essential flexibility so they can manage their schedule and find work that fits their lives and needs. On the Wonolo app, workers can view available jobs and choose the ones that fit their skills and needs the most. We know that it can be tough to manage a busy schedule and juggle responsibilities, so we work with businesses across a wide range of industries to ensure workers have the flexible options they are looking for.

Company Advantage: Technology-Enabled Insights

The Wonolo app offers tons of features that allow companies to stay on top of their jobs and changing needs. You can view the roster of workers who have accepted your jobs as well as the job statuses. You can even add workers you have worked with before and want to engage with again to a “preferred” list for future job postings. Wonolo’s features allow you to gain insight into your jobs, which is invaluable as you plan out your temporary worker needs in the future.

Worker Advantage: Portable Perks

We know how difficult it can be to work as an independent contractor and lack access to benefits packages that are traditionally reserved for employees. That’s why Wonolo works with different referral partners to provide portable perks and discounts to Wonoloers, ranging from credit building tools to health insurance. Wonoloers can connect with Wonolo’s referral partners through the Wonolo Up program to take care of their health and wellbeing while also having the freedom and flexibility to pick their own jobs.

Company and Worker Advantage: Two-Way Feedback System

In a traditional staffing model, there is generally no way to provide feedback on a worker’s performance and certainly no way for the worker to give feedback on the company that has utilized their services. In contrast, Wonolo has made that happen with a two-way feedback system. This way, both the company and the worker can provide valuable feedback to one another, allowing both the companies and the workers to improve and grow.

Wonolo is a new kind of solution for finding on-demand workers

As we work with both sides of the marketplace, Wonolo offers a platform for businesses that provides more advantages over traditional staffing agencies. We know that companies are looking for workers who are available in their area and ready to hit the ground running once engaged. And we know that workers are looking for flexible opportunities that allow them to work whenever and wherever they want. When businesses access the Wonolo platform, they get an agile digital tool to help meet their unpredictable and rapidly changing business needs. Wonolo makes finding on-demand workers simple.