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Mobile recruiting is here to stay as 90% of job seekers today use their phones to search for jobs. 75% of active candidates state that they have visited a company’s mobile site for a job posting. Mobile technologies have become more important now than ever before, providing more efficient ways to recruit talent in the 21st century. Digitalization has made it easy to extend recruiting to mobile devices.

A recruiter can learn more about a candidate’s skills and experience by reviewing their online data, as opposed to a resume where candidates represent themselves. 45% of candidates have actually applied via their mobile phones. More employers are now leveraging digital technologies to improve their candidate application experience and streamline their hiring process.

Mobile RecruitingNew technologies are for the most part mobile-centric because most people interface and communicate with the world through their mobile devices. You want to reach out and try to engage as many candidates as possible, and the easiest way is through mobile devices. Traditional recruitment tools have mostly been replaced by digital ones, e.g. resumes have been replaced by digital profiles on job sites such as LinkedIn, etc. Nowadays recruiters can learn more about their candidate’s skills and experiences by simply reviewing their online data. In effect how a candidate interacts with his/her mobile device is very important to understanding their skills, behavior and personality. Mobile devices allow companies to collect useful data from a candidate that was previously unavailable, making them invaluable tools in recruitment.

Mobile Optimize Your Website

Having a mobile optimized website should be the number one digital marketing priority for all of you leading companies today. A mobile optimized website looks great and functions well on a wide variety of smartphones and tablets. It also has the functionality to allow your applicants to navigate through your site and application process more efficiently. The primary functions include the ability to review your company’s background information, access to your company’s career site, reviewing job details and applying for jobs from a smartphone. Mobile optimization will create the foundation for successful recruiting in today’s diverse technology landscape for you.

Mobile-Friendly Applicant Tracking Systems will simplify your Application Process

An Applicant Tracking System that offers mobile integration enables companies to provide a great candidate experience throughout the application process. Along with mobile navigability, mobile-friendly applicant tracking systems simplify the application process for easy processing on mobile phones. They also offer features such as 24/7 application checking and effortless recruiter communications.
Social Media is Very Important in Mobile Recruiting
The role of social media is becoming increasingly important in mobile recruitment today. Users on mobile devices are much more likely to find jobs through social media channels and likely to pass them on to their colleagues. The best applicant tracking systems promote engagement with RSS feeds, social media tools, email marketing and share functionality. Promotion and engagement tools help expand the applicant pool, and make it easier for site visitors to share jobs with interested colleagues.

Train Your Staff to Shift to Mobile Recruitment

Is your team ready to embrace mobile recruitment? Mobile recruitment in the human resources space has essentially changed the skills that recruiters need nowadays. Companies can train their staff or hire recruiters to focus on a high level of technological aptitude, the ability to integrate social media and Web 2.0 features into the recruiting process, and a willingness to use different technologies to source and interview candidates.

Benefits of Opting for this Strategy

• Quick and convenient: mobile recruiting allows applicants to find and apply to open positions quickly

• Personalized: a custom role is created that must be tailored to suit the ideal applicant

• Adaptive: mobile recruitment should be easily accessible through all the formats.

• Correspond with candidates via email or text immediately: follow up emails and text messages are crucial to keeping your applicants interested and engaged in an age where your applicant’s attention is a lot shorter than before.

• Consider mobile video conference interviews: video technology is available on most mobile devices whereby you can easily interview applicants anywhere conveniently and with no cost of travel.

It has become increasingly important to not only embrace new technologies but to deploy them wisely as well. Offering a fast and easy application to candidate’s experience is crucial to how candidates tend to view your company’s brand and culture. Using e-recruitment tools will affect your ability to engage passive job candidates, which have usually been proven to be the most qualified applicants. Last of all, your ability to collect and analyze data on job candidates will allow you to make data-driven decisions, which has become important considering the significant increase in candidates per job posting.

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Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoid’s content and social media team. When Kelly is not building campaigns, she is busy creating content and preparing PR topics. She started with Jobsoid as a social media strategist and eventually took over the entire digital marketing team with her innovative approach and technical expertise.