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When it comes to order fulfillment optimization, there are a seemingly endless amount of systems for busy warehouses and distribution centers to benefit from. And, because speedy and ultra-accurate order processing is the current name of the game, it’s important that companies make use of these cutting-edge technologies so that they can best prepare themselves for unexpected peaks as well as long-term scalability. Lucky for them, these shifts can actually be done on-the-fly with little to no downtime and less than an hour’s training for pickers when pick to light systems are put into place.

Pick to light systems are paper-free communication solutions that guide associates on the floor with LED lights and monitors that give them the exact number of items to pick, as well as the zones that they need to be picked from. This revolutionary technique does plenty of good for operations; it eliminates most all picking errors, increases flow within the warehouse by about half, gives back valuable floor space, and provides real-time reports that can be immediately prepared within an existing WMS.

Now that you know how pick to light can help scale your operation, let’s take a look at the 50 most unique, innovative, and reliable pick to light systems available today. Note: the following are organized in alphabetical order for your convenience.

1. Abel Womack

Abel Womack

For operations in need of a holistic system, Abel Womack has you covered. The company offers a range of warehouse systems to fit your unique needs, including pick to light systems that can be custom-designed in conjunction with their cutting-edge put-to-light and/or voice recognition systems. These systems can be added and removed based off of your warehouse’s changing needs.

Key Features:

  • Integrates with existing WMS
  • Completely paperless system
  • Reduces human error by more than 85%

2. Acme World


Acme World offers comprehensive pick to light systems that boast a wide range of smart features. Each customizable system includes pre-loaded training for new warehouse associates, as well as the ability to integrate dynamic picking zones with a variety of different order volumes whenever you choose to change-up the organization of your warehouse. Their system is a great fit for warehouses whose procedures are ever-evolving.

Key Features:

  • Picker accountability for each pick
  • Real-time sorting and replenishment stats
  • Quick staff ramp-up for seasonal peaks

3. ARCO Solutions

ARCO Solutions

ARCO Solutions touts one of the easiest, yet most universal pick to light systems on the market today. The company customizes the systems to enhance current warehouse management systems that might already be in place and gives clients the option to add on helpful features, like put-to-light systems, for a more comprehensive solution.

Key Features:

  • Increases warehouse capacity and efficiency
  • Instantly digitizes inventory info and counts as they shift
  • Great fit for growing e-commerce companies

4. Bastian Solutions

Bastian Solutions

Bastian Solutions’ Exacta pick to light software is known throughout the warehouse industry for its accuracy and remarkable versatility. According to the company, it only takes a warehouse an average of 30 to 45 minutes to train their pick operators to use Exacta, an impressive feature, especially for those who regularly hire on temporary or seasonal workers as demand shifts.

Key Features:

  • Software can be used on a standalone basis or can be integrated into an existing WMS
  • Lowers labor costs through improved efficiency and quick training times
  • Completely paperless

5. BP Controls

BP Controls

Realtime360 PTL by BP Controls works as a combination pick to light and put to light system that can be easily integrated into your existing WMS. This specialized system also comes with a series of advanced add-ons that can help boost your productivity and efficiency even more, such as secure remote access, iCloud connectivity, and robust reporting for stress-free audits.

Key Features:

  • Automatic process tracking features
  • Shortens fulfillment times
  • Can be used as either a standalone or completely customized system

6. Cassioli

Cassioli Group

Cassioli’s pick to light system focuses on increasing the traceability of inventory so that warehouses don’t leave money on the table by way of theft, loss, or error-packed orders. They do this by offering a pick to light and/or put to light system that ensures a high output of about 500-600 extremely accurate picks/hour, bringing the item from the shelf all the way to the packing phase.

Key Features:

  • The system can be customized to take into consideration a variety of filling factors
  • Optimizes the movement of small materials in a warehouse
  • Streamlines and prioritizes high stock turn articles

7. Conveyors and Drives, Inc.

Conveyors and Drives

Conveyor and Drives, Inc.’s DirectPickPick-to-Light system automatically integrates with your existing flow racks and WMS. One of the aspects that sets DirectPickPick-to-Light apart is that it comes with user-friendly visuals, such as easy-to-operate bay controllers, a foolproof digital display, and area controllers that clearly and automatically send an alert to the technician if a component of the system fails.

Key Features:

  • Increases accuracy over 80% over paper-based systems
  • Allows for a variety of picking methods, including individual, batch, static, and dynamic
  • Includes software modules that enhance planning, analysis, and productivity

8. Creform Material Handling Systems

Creform Material Handling Systems

Creform Material Handling Systems offers a unique pick to light system that can work alongside your installed WMS to better streamline your warehouse picking strategies. It’s lightweight, easy-to-use design fits well in a variety of settings including warehouses and kitting operations.

Key Features:

  • Communicates with internal LAN systems
  • Increases error prevention
  • Can be used for both picking and loading tasks

9. Daifuku Wynright


Daifuku’s CAPS Pick-to-Light offers warehouses and distribution centers the ability to incorporate highly-accurate, efficiency-based techniques into their standing split case picking operations. CAPS Pick-to-Light boasts an impressive amount of benefits including ROI attainment after only 12-18 months following initial installation and electrical overhead requirements cut in half. It’s also been proven to increase picks at twice the speed of paper-based systems, while reduces errors by 80%.

Key Features:

  • Can handle an unlimited amount of SKUs
  • Merges seamlessly with all major WMS and ERPs
  • System architecture interfaces with WCS via Sockets, FTP, and ODBC

10. Dematic


Offering up both pick to light and put to light systems that easily integrate into most existing processes and systems, Dematic gives its warehouse and distribution consumers the ability to heighten their inventory organization by means of increased, automatic transparency. Their Next Generation series is a completely customizable system that can be tailormade to scale with your operation; a great fit for warehouses who frequently plan for seasonal peaks.

Key Features:

  • Allows users to get on-demand reports that focus on daily volume
  • The software is automatically monitored for safe error analysis
  • Streamlines picking for bulk stock

11. Dexion


UK-based Dexion offers a classic pick to light system that is completely adaptive for both split and full case applications. This system also focuses on increasing productivity and efficiency through reducing walk and seek times, eliminating paperwork, and simplifying the picking process so that it can be easily learned quickly by new hires.

Key Features:

  • The system allows pickers to pick in both directions for speedy results
  • Completely paperless system
  • Adapts easily to other current systems

12. D.L. Neu and Associates

D.L. Neu and Associates

This pick to light system is a classic one, but the great thing about D.L. Neu and Associates is that it offers an assortment of picking systems that can work in conjunction with it to further streamline your process. The company has RF picking, put to light, voice-directed picking, and pick module systems that can be integrated into your new pick to light to strengthen visibility even further.

Key Features:

  • Inventory shorts and replenishment tracked in real time
  • Variety of interfaces allow for confusion-free picking
  • Decreases need for worker movement throughout the warehouse

13. Falcon Autotech

Falcon Autotech

Falcon Autotech’s revolutionary pick to light system includes a variety of important tools, including zone-free architectures for creating zones on the fly, dynamic mapping for unlimited plan configurations, and automated troubleshooting. These features can give a leg-up to all sorts of industries and picking methods, from kitting for consumer goods to e-commerce order fulfillment.

Key Features:

  • Energy efficient platform that was designed with productivity in mind
  • Works concurrently with Falcon Autotech’s put to light system
  • Flawless IOT connectivity

14. FastFetch


FastFetch provides a classic pick to light system that can be easily learned and integrated to seamlessly adhere to existing warehouse procedures. What makes this system especially unique is that it was built with harsh environments in mind and includes optional add-ons, like water-tight channels, to keep all of your pick to light equipment safe and long-lasting.

Key Features:

  • Uses light-sensitive proximity switch instead of manual buttons to confirm picks
  • Can support displays of texts and graphics within each picking zone
  • The system is completely customizable based by zone

15. FasThink


FasThink’s P2Light pick to light system focuses on helping clients cut costs by getting rid of excessive wiring, clunky IT systems, and outdated paper-based procedures. The provider also touts its crystal-clear wireless communication devices that serve to strengthen the day-to-day use of its P2Light pick to light system.

Key Features:

  • Provides simultaneous management for up to two operators
  • Works well for a variety of warehouse and distribution applications
  • Guarantees less picking operator errors

16. Grey Orange

Grey Orange

GreyOrange PPTL designs comprehensive pick to light and put to light systems for busy operations with particularly challenging picking processes and inventory peaks. The company boasts a “simple, yet rugged” system that is so effective, it is virtually maintenance free. GreyOrange’s PPTL also comes with free troubleshooting which means that even the most sudden and complex changes in procedure can be managed in-house.

Key Features:

  • Easily integrates with most popular warehouse management systems
  • Can be reprogrammed to fit your ever-changing needs
  • Ensures minimal downtime during initial installation

17. H.H. Barnum

H.H. Barnum

H.H Barnum offers durable equipment that reduces the risk of error during the assembly process, which can improve product quality and lower costs. This pick to light system integrates especially well into most warehouses that utilize assembly or bin-packing picking methods.

Key Features:

  • Includes customizable verification options
  • Setup and system errors can be viewed at a glance
  • Provides a wide field of view for easy alignment

18. Honeywell Vocollect

Honeywell Vocollect

Honeywell is one of the most trusted names in electronics, which makes its groundbreaking Vocollect system all the more intriguing. Technically, the system is billed as another option for those considering traditional pick to light systems. What makes Vocollect different though, is that it is a unique combination of a voice system and a pick to light, a fact that makes it all the more reliable, adjustable, and efficient.

Key Features:

  • Contains an average of half the errors that traditional pick to light customers experience
  • Generally has a cheaper price point than most pick to light systems
  • Less overhead needed for initial install

19. Inther Group

Inther Group

Inther Group boasts maximum user-friendliness and an ultra-ergonomic design in their pick to light system called Pick by Light. Pick by Light works especially well for warehouse management systems that have been set up with flow racks as each and every picker has their hands completely free throughout their workday.

Key Features:

  • Pick by Light works with most warehouse management systems or with Inther Group’s Inther LC software suite
  • Multi-colored lights allowed for many orders to be picked by many employees at the same time
  • An ideal solution for omnichannel fulfillment

20. ISITEC International

ISITEC International

According to ISITEC International, the company’s ISIPICK pick to light system is the “most affordable and most flexible solution on the market.” The system offers a wide range of modules that can be customized to fit most technology and are approved to add value to your warehouse procedures for the next decade.

Key Features:

  • Comes equipped with multicolor indicator lights for confusion-free, simultaneous picking
  • Includes no-touch sensor modules for hands-free picking
  • Designed with ergonomic horizontal and vertical positioning

21. Invata


What sets Invata’s pick to light system apart is that it integrates perfectly with the WMS and other tools that the company provides to warehouses, manufacturers, and distributors the world over. Because the company offers so much in the way of solutions, those looking to either start a business or try a new system can use Invata as a one-stop shop for all of their technology and equipment needs.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with real-time replenishment response
  • Built-in diagnostics for troubleshooting and error-spotting
  • Allows for dynamic zone balancing through bucket brigade management of order zones

22. Kardex Remstar

Kardex Remstar

Kardex Remstar produces a comprehensive line of pick to light technologies called QuickPick, which allows its clients the freedom to completely customize a pick to light system on their own, all while using the best tools on the market today. In addition to the pick to light products, QuickPick also includes an adjoining put to light system that can be used to round out a warehouse’s picking procedures entirely.

Key Features:

  • Communication devices allow for hands-free, real-time messages between colleagues on the floor
  • Light towers offer optimal visibility for warehouses who sort with shelving implements
  • Position Indicator Light Bar LED promotes perfect alignment for packing and positioning of inventory

23. Kom Automation

KOM Automation

Kom Automation specialized in custom pick to light systems for a range of different businesses. Their systems can help streamline the building, support, and assembly of kit parts, sub-assemblies, parts verification, and complete product builds. The custom pick to light systems also come equipped with color touch screen operator interfaces to help tailor user variables as tasks and goals shift.

Key Features:

  • Requires minimal operator training
  • Provides immediate feedback on the system’s current operating health
  • Produces on-demand, aggregated reports that function within the existing WMS

24. Lightning Pick
@Lighnting Pick

Lightning PIck

Lighting Pick says that its proprietary pick to light system, LP Pick, is the “most flexible and powerful light-directed picking application available—” and the company has the numbers to back up their claim. LP Pick is currently the best-selling pick to light system in North America today, a detail which pushes the company to work especially hard to stay ahead of the competition by continuously releasing new technologies and bettering its existing ones.

Key Features:

  • Includes the industry’s most advanced order fulfillment execution software
  • Access to real-time statistics, like picker productivity, order volumes, and all system activities
  • A range of complementary applications, like container routing and QC workstations available

25. Mathand


Mathand’s FastTrack pick to light system was designed to improve the processes of material handling companies that deal with a high volume of small SKU products. With that in mind, this versatile, easy-to-install system comes with an impressive range of applications that make it simple for warehouses to customize FastTrack to perfectly fit their changing needs.

Key Features:

  • Up to 3 times faster than standard picking systems
  • Equipped with 5 colors of pick lights for simple, simultaneous picking of numerous items
  • Easy-to-read LED lights display real-time inventory information

26. McCombs-Wall, Inc. Engineering

McComb Walls Inc. Engineering

McCombs-Wall, Inc. Engineering provides its customers with classic pick to light systems and equipment that help to simplify and modernize the functions of any warehouse, distributor, or manufacturer. With its product, the company aims to strengthen productivity, cut walking time, and increase managerial presence on the floor.

Key Features:

  • The fastest option for broken case fulfillment operations
  • Entirely paperless system
  • Can be used on workbenches, flow racks, pallet racks, carts, and other locations

27. MHI


This pick to light solution developed by MHI is a classic system that does everything that it should do, from near-perfect tracking to easy integrations of put to light technologies. Of course, the system also includes picture-perfect LED displays to give new pickers a leg-up when it comes to mastering their daily tasks.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with most warehouse management systems
  • Suitable for a range of business, from retail to distribution and everything in between
  • Allows valuable insights into daily performance

28. The Numina Group

The Numina Group

The Numina Group’s RDS Pick-to-Light system is billed as being both the lowest cost and the most reliable system on the market today. If you’re in need of a more holistic system, The Numina Group makes it simple to add on features that will boost your efficiency even further, like put-to-light and voice directed options.

Key Features:

  • Completely paperless and hands-free
  • Eliminates the need for third-party software
  • Communications can be built-in or replaced for increased uptime

29. Nysus Solutions

NYSUS Solutions

Nysus Solutions’ pick to light systems shore up various applications such as pre-sequencing, kitting, complex component selection, and mixed model production, just to name a few. The pick to light system comes standard with the features of many of the classic systems on the market, but also offers valuable add-ons like optional display screens with crystal-clear pick instructions.

Key Features:

  • Reduced component locating times for pickers
  • Near error-proof picking
  • Strengthens mixed model production and mass customization

30. Omni-ID


Omni-ID’s ProVIEW is a pick to light system that is known for its flexibility and breadth of application. ProVIEW’s a top choice for warehouses the world over as it takes little to no training to learn, comes equipped with simple wireless deployment paired with real-time visual instructions, and aggregates important information like delivery times, pick rates, and more.

Key Features:

  • Gives you the ability to swiftly create temporary pick locations
  • Puts forth advice for streamlining your system in real-time
  • Analyzes bottleneck for more improved throughput

31. Outsource Equipment

Outsource Equipment

Outsource Equipment’s pick to light system boasts an astounding 99.9+% success rate and much more predictable picks costs and processes as a whole. The company states that its particular pick to light system works especially well on operations with a relatively small amount of SKUs that account for a higher percentage of daily volume.

Key Features:

  • Increased visibility in-house and throughout the supply chain
  • Lowers operational costs through reduced labor, errors, rework, and chargebacks
  • 30-50% increases in pick rate productivity

32. PCData Logistics Automation

PCData Logistics

PCData offers some of the most versatile options for pick to light on the market today, with an impressive three levels of programs available to its customers– Distrib Pick to Light, Pickstar, and Display Manager. Each system can be further customized to fit your changing picking needs and strategies.

Key Features:

  • Hybrid solutions for warehouses interested in using multiple systems
  • Immediate volume calculation
  • On-demand replenishment reports

33. Pick to Light Systems

Pick to Light Systems

Pick to Light Systems offers options for a wide variety of operations, from those with high-end or high-turnover items to those in medium or low turnover environments that are paired with radiofrequency systems. The company’s colorful LED options also allow for decreased user error that alerts the technician when mistakes are made.

Key Features:

  • Works with several operators preparing a single order or a single operating preparing multiple orders
  • Quick and straightforward integration with other WMS or ERP systems
  • Intuitive, hands-free systems that act as the solitary pick to light devices

34. Power Motion

Power Motion

The all-inclusive pick to light system by Power Motion is a hearty one, in fact, it can support an unlimited number of bins and is simple to customize, even for the highest volumes of parts. A great choice for warehouses with unexpected peaks and diverse inventory.

Key Features:

  • Paperless system
  • Simple new user training
  • Easy to program

35. ScottTech


The good folks at Scott Tech know warehouses—in fact, the company is run by former warehouse operators who are intimately aware of the day-to-day challenges in the field. They take their expertise and use it to design systems that can be personalized for scalability.

Key Features:

  • Fits within your current WMS
  • Easily tracks all items throughout the fulfillment process
  • Allows for optimized picking times

36. SDI Systems

SDI Systems

SDI’s signature pick to light system was made with simplicity in mind; it comes equipped with lighted, easy-to-read displays for technicians to use as a guide in their picking tasks. This straightforward design element allows for lightning-fast training for new hires.

Key Features:

  • Provides optimized inventory control
  • Comes with an ultra-bright acknowledgment button beacon light
  • Promotes proper load balancing

37. Sorion Group

Sorion Group

The Sorion Group’s pick to light system comes with two different system architectures, a basic unit which is capable of controlling up to 50 modules as well as larger controls that can be connected to control a total of 7,999 modules on a single Ethernet connection. The system’s confirmation features also come in a variety of colors, which makes it simpler to streamline particularly complex picking processes.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Equipped with robust light modules
  • Scalable and flexible design

38. Southwest Solutions Group

Southwest Solutions Group

The pick to light system by Southwest Solutions was designed with efficiency and accuracy in mind, as it claims to increase order picking productivity by a whopping 400%. If you’re ready to reclaim some of your precious floor space, then their system is also a fitting choice; according to the company, the lightweight equipment will save you about 85% of warehouse floor space when compared to traditional picking systems.

Key Features:

  • Improved ergonomics and safety features
  • Less time wasted walking
  • Lowers labor costs

39. SpeasTech Inc.

SpeasTech Inc.

SpeasTech Inc. offers a unique range of products that are made to make picking fast, effortless, and, most importantly, accurate. Designs like Smart Frame, Smart Gate XL, and Smart Bin work as the sturdy architecture that makes up some of the most reliable pick to light systems around.

Key Features:

  • Designs custom racks and bins for odd sizes
  • Equipment can be used within put to light operations
  • Equipped with audible alarms when a picking error occurs

40. SSI Schaefer

SSI Schaefer

SSI Schaefer’s proprietary Pick by Light system was designed to help busy warehouses optimize current processes while at the same time bringing down overall logistics costs. Installing one in your warehouse could mean shorter picking paths, safer day-to-day operations, and transparent order tracking, all a big help, especially if your business is scaling quickly.

Key Features:

  • Highest possible availability through hardware self-checks
  • U-shaped layout for optimized picking
  • Strategic inventory functions that support stock control

41. Sure Sort from OPEX


OPEX’s Sure Sort is comprised of a range of technologies that ensure the fastest and most accurate picking and sorting in warehousing today. It combines the pick by light principle with other cutting-edge autonomous expansion modules and iBOTS that can be added or removed easily and quickly without much downtime.

Key Features:

  • Combined with iBOT technologies for accurate picking and sorting
  • Best for large warehouse operations
  • Smart design can read barcodes in a single pass

42. TBA


TBA’s Autostore Pick to Light system offers warehouses superior coverage in the way of both pick to light and put to light technologies. According to the company, their prototype was originally customized for a key client, a process which helped engineers and designers come up with the most effective, transparent system for today’s warehouses.

Key Features:

  • Graphical user interface by Windows
  • Reveals order tracking in real-time
  • Interpretation errors substantially reduced

43. TriFactor Distribution Solutions

TriFactor Distribution Solutions

TriFactor’s automated pick to light systems were initially designed so that its clients could bring down their material costs and speed up their fulfillment times. This allows them to focus more on customer service and innovation. The company’s top-notch visual displays work as such informative guides for warehouse pickers and associates, it’s no wonder why TriFactor’s pick to light systems are used by warehouses the country over.

Key Features:

  • Real-time operator tracking
  • Short learning curve for new technicians
  • Allows use of flexible picking zones

44. Turck


Turck’s pick to light system boasts an incredible, near 100% accuracy rate for even the most dynamic warehouses. In addition to the classic system, the company also allows for the installation of helpful modules which can boost your system’s performance even further through the use of customizable technologies and picking zones.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with wireless connections for easy communication
  • Encompasses all error-handling and reporting
  • Next to no training required for new workers

45. ULMA Handling Systems

ULMA Handling Systems

ULMA Handling Systems has partnered with PICK TO LIGHT SYSTEMS to create its unique product called Digital Picking Systems (DPS). This specialized system focuses on providing a combined pick to light/put to light system that works to automatically aggregate and create reports on all relevant data, no matter how complex the operation may be.

Key Features:

  • Entirely paper-free
  • Easily-exchangeable digital information from device to device
  • Top-notch LED lights and displays for optimized pick to light interfaces

46. Voodoo Robotics

Voodoo Robotics

Allows for optimized picking, no matter what your picking method may be, whether it’s batch, zone, or a combination of many. Voodoo Robotics’ system was specifically designed to increase picking rates for broken case quantity picking while it works to reduce errors throughout the entire process.

Key Features:

  • Offers real-time KPI reporting
  • Increases efficiency for the entire warehouse
  • Works for a variety of warehouses, including pop-up or temporary operations

47. The Warehouse Solutions Company

The Warehouse Solutions Company

The Warehouse Solutions Company combines the benefits of traditional pick to light and put to light systems into one, super effective system that works well in both manual and semi-autonomous workhouse environments. These benefits give managers the opportunity to have a full grasp on their warehouse’s inventory as it moves through the fulfillment process.

Key Features:

  • Paper-free system
  • Can be used in most warehouse operations
  • Quickly reduces costs for labor, equipment, and floor space

48. Weidmüller


Weidmüller makes pick to light and put to light systems for operations that are placed in or are subjected to very harsh environments, such as cold, heat, ice, and moisture. This ultra-rugged design makes it a top-choice for warehouses and distribution centers who need their systems to last, no matter how rough their environments may be.

Key Features:

  • Flexible deployment with the plug-and-play system
  • Can connect to most current IT systems
  • Contains clearly visible operating elements for quick fixes and easy troubleshooting

49. Westfalia


Westfalia makes yet another pick to light system that thrives in rugged environments. As a matter of fact, it’s equipment can withstand temperatures as low as -30-degrees F and are specifically designed for wash-down environments. These elements make the system a great choice for warehouses that are either routinely exposed to the elements or ones that are programmed for harsh climate control.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for zone picking strategies
  • Hands-free system
  • Voice features can be included for optimized picking

50. Working Machines Corporations

Working Machines Corporations

Last but not least, Working Machines Corporations’ SwiftPic Pick to Light system was designed with accuracy in mind. It offers up much of the classic features that are used in many pick to light systems, but it can also be optimized with the company’s proprietary order picking and warehouse automation software for an even more seamless picking experience.

Key Features:

  • Useful for kitting operations
  • Can be used in both warehouses and distribution centers
  • Clients see 2x faster picking in flow/shelf rack picking