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When it comes to choosing the right warehouse and logistics businesses in Chicago, you’ve got plenty of choices. We’ve carried out the research for you, to find some of the best storage and distribution facilities available in the Windy City. Here’s our rundown for five of the best warehousing and transportation services in Illinois. Next time you’re looking for the ideal partner for your storage needs in and around Chicago, look no further.

North American Warehousing Company

The North American Warehousing Company (NAWC) is a full-service storage warehouse and third-party logistics center. They have been in business since 1980 and are located in Bedford Park, Chicago, Illinois. They provide over 400,000 square feet of warehousing storage space, with easy access from truck, train, intermodal trailers, and ocean containers.

North American Warehousing Company Services and Specializations

NAWC services include:

  • Customized care and protection for specialized products.
  • Storage of general commodities, consumer goods, flammable materials, food grade products, and temperature sensitive goods.
  • Specialized chemical storage and logistics.
  • Export container loading and transloading to South America, Asia, Europe, Russia, and Australia.
  • Blending, drum filling, and bagging services for dry chemical products.
  • Complete HazMat handling, storage, and safety services.
  • Hot room and warm room.
  • Complete storage, picking, handling, packing, and shipping services.
  • Supply chain management and tracking.
  • Rebranding and reboxing.
  • Transportation, logistics, and distribution services.
  • Export container loading and bracing.
  • Bundling, wrapping, banding, and bagging.
  • Complete third party logistics, distribution, and freight servcies
  • And many more.

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International Transload Logistics

International Transload Logistics (ITL) was founded in 1998 and they now have over 600,000 square feet of warehousing storage space, split over three locations. Their warehouses are located close to major rail ramps to minimize costs and turnaround times. They use sophisticated supply chain management techniques, including barcode and RF technology, real-time inventory tracking, and shipment details.

International Transload Logistics Services and Specializations

ITL services include:

  • US customs bonded freight stations.
  • 24×7 monitoring and security.
  • Drive-in doors and inside loading.
  • Wrapping, crating, and labelling.
  • Sorting, picking, and packing.
  • Complete load securing for safe transportation of regular and specialized products.
  • Block and bracing containers and trailers.
  • Transloading and drayage for regular and specialized loads.
  • Complete transportation services, including rail depot.
  • Dedicated fleet equipment and chassis.
  • Specialized handling of machinery, steel bars, tubes, plate, sheet, coils, lumber, plastic, and more.

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MWD Logistics

MWD Logistics is a storage, inventory control, and distribution business that provides warehousing, trucking, and brokerage services. They provide over 2,000,000 square feet of warehouse storage space, split over 6 locations.

MWD Logistics Services and Specializations

MWD services include:

  • Storage for corrugated material, plastic dunnage, plastic film, de-icing products, packaging, roofing materials, obsolete products, plastics and resins, paper rolls, machinery, lawn and garden supplies, raw materials, finished goods, idle equipment, and more.
  • Materials handling, storage, unloading, sorting, picking, and packing.
  • Trucking and brokerage for product transportation and distribution across the US.
  • Complete supply chain management and inventory control including perpetually maintained inventory, stock status and item activity reports, bills of lading, cycle counting, and physical inventory services.
  • Rail pickup and distribution.
  • Short- and long-term storage.
  • Outside storage.

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Midwest Warehouse & Distribution System

Midwest Warehouse & Distribution System  (MWDS) was founded in 1982. They work with four affiliate businesses and manage 17 facilities across the US. They have over 6 million square feet of contract and public warehousing space. They work with three main affiliate businesses to provide full-service logistics and distribution:

  • Bedford Motor Service, Inc is a local carrier that services Illinois and its neighboring states. They operate 90 power units and 400 trailers.
  • Bedford Logistics provides freight brokerage, consolidation, and management across the continental US.
  • Logistics Resources, Inc provides contract labor and warehousing services. They manage 1.3 million square feet of space across four states, employing over 400 people.

Midwest Warehouse & Distribution System Services and Specializations

MWDS services include:

  • Public and contract warehousing with fully secured and insured storage.
  • Complete supply chain and warehouse management including API, EDI, RF, and barcoding.
  • Temperature-controlled facilities.
  • Specialized storage including AIB food grade, UL and BRC certified, Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) space, customs bonded space, organic certified storage, and liquor storage.
  • Mass merchandiser service and compliance.
  • Serial number, lot control, and web visibility.
  • Cross-dock services between rail and truck.
  • Complete unloading, sorting, storage, picking, packing, labelling, and shrink wrapping services.
  • Contract labor and equipment leasing.
  • Local and national transportation.
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation.
  • Yard jockey services.
  • TL and LTL distribution options.
  • Container drayage with GPS visibility.
  • Temperature-controlled delivery service, including trailer and straight truck.

Midwest Warehouse & Distribution System Contact Details

  • Website:
  • Phone: (630) 739-6760
  • Email:
  • Address: 2600 Internationale Parkway, Woodridge, IL 60517

Grand Worldwide Logistics Corporation

Grand Worldwide Logistics Corporation (GWLC) has been in business since 1970. They have warehousing and facilities in eight states, totalling more than 2,500,000 square feet. They have the capacity to unload up to 150 rail cars a day. They provide domestic and international distribution services. They handle, store, and cross-dock over 1.8 million tons of paper, 45 million cases of alcoholic beverages, and millions of metric tons of bulk goods every year.

Grand Worldwide Logistics Corporation Services and Specializations

GWLC services include:

  • Products handled include roll stock, paper, pulp, aluminum, palletized products, floor loaded products, slip sheeted products, food grade products, alcoholic beverages, and bulk goods.
  • Complete unloading, inbound, sorting, storage, picking, and packing services.
  • Inbound and outbound rail services.
  • Logistics and reverse logistics systems management.
  • Complete warehouse and supply chain management.
  • Inter-modal transportation.
  • Cross-docking, handling, and packing.
  • In-House trucking and distribution — Grand Cartage Company, fleet of OTR Trucks, FTL, LTL, and backhaul services.
  • Import and export trans-loading.
  • Barcoding material controls and full EDI capability.
  • In-house customs brokerage.
  • International food grade certification.
  • Marine, rail, trucking, and air services for trans-loading throughout the supply channel.

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We hope you’ve found this breakdown of warehousing services in Chicago, Il. useful. Remember that if you run a warehouse, or you just need on-demand staff at a moment’s notice, the Wonolo app and temporary worker marketplace is your ideal solution.