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As Wonolo grows, we want to give Wonoloers like you access to the best-paying jobs from the most reputable businesses. Wonoloers are expected to deliver first-class work, and your efforts keep companies coming back and offering work again and again. It’s vital that Wonolo builds a reputation as the best place to find temporary workers — Wonoloers are vital to making that happen.

What Do Businesses Want from Wonoloers Like You?

There are several areas that businesses rely on when it comes to using temporary workers:

  • Reliability — Wonoloers need to turn up on time to start their shift and work for the expected number of hours.
  • Attitude — Wonoloers must have a positive, “can-do” attitude to the work and should complete tasks as well as possible.
  • Communication — Wonoloers are expected to actively communicate with the Requestor and let them and Wonolo support know if there are any issues.

Reliability is measured by whether you can meet your contract and be punctual for a job you have accepted. Attitude and communication are measured through how a Requestor rates your performance on the Wonolo platform.

How Does Wonolo Ensure Wonoloers Meet These Standards?

We work with Wonoloers who can meet or exceed the expectations of our Requestors. We measure that using the “Five Ps: — Prepared, Professional, Positive, Polite, and Punctual.” We’re lucky that many Wonoloers are consistently excellent — they’re never late, do great work, and keep everyone informed.

Of course, that’s not always the case for every independent contractor. When Wonoloers don’t meet the standards that are expected of them, it reflects badly on them and the Wonolo platform.

When you sign up for Wonolo, you have a contract with us that outlines Requestor’s expectations. That contract means you are expected to meet our standards of timeliness, attitude, and communication. If you’re not able to uphold that, we have to take action.

Contract Breaches, When They Happen, and How They Impact You

We’ve written our terms of use to be very fair and to provide the best opportunities for Wonoloers and the right level of service for Requestors. If you breach your contractual obligations, the following policies take effect:

  • First Breach — 3-day restricted access to job notifications and removal from any accepted jobs.
  • Second Breach — 7-day restricted access to job notifications and removal from any accepted jobs.
  • Third Breach — Permanent restricted access to job notifications and removal from all accepted jobs.

Breaches are assigned as follows:

  • 1 Breach — any withdrawal from a job within 12 hours of the start time.
  • 1 Breach — asking a requestor to cancel a job instead of withdrawing from it.
  • 3 Breaches — any no show or cancellation after the start time.

After 30 days, if you have 1 or 2 breach points, your breach count will reset to 0.

You can find more information in our “Breach of Contract” policy.

This does mean that if you don’t show up to a job after saying you will, you will immediately receive three breaches, or “Permanent restricted access to job notifications and removal from all accepted jobs.” That’s why it’s vital that you always follow through on your contract and show up when you say you will. Press the “Start” button in the Wonolo app when you’re on-site and working, and the “Complete” button when you’re done.

Your Success is Wonolo’s Success

We want you to be a star performer. If you avoid breaching your contract and work towards earning badges, you will earn better ratings and help Requestors continue to choose Wonolo as their platform of choice. That means more opportunities and better pay for you, and the continuing success of the Wonolo platform for our entire community.

Thank you for helping us all be exceptional.