Let’s meet Kash!

Hey there! I’m Kash. I’m a senior mobile developer at Wonolo. I’m responsible for our React Native application, as well as a native iOS clock-in application. I’ve been with Wonolo for about two years now, and I’m located in Toronto, Canada.

What’s the most exciting engineering challenge you’ve solved at Wonolo?

I’ve had a lot of fun learning React Native and building a brand new application using that from the ground up.

What’s the next engineering skill or technology you want to learn?

I’m really interested in learning about Swift UI and delving a lot more into native iOS development.

What’s one perk of working from home as an engineer?

Funny enough, it’s travel. We can work from anywhere remotely, so I like to escape the cold Toronto winters and work from warmer locations.

If you really knew me, you would know that…

You’d know that I’m a fishing fanatic. I love being out in nature and being out on the water. Actually, catching something is just a bonus for me.