Let’s meet Kat!

Hi, I’m Kat. I’ve been at Wonolo since January and I’ve been loving every minute of it. I’m on the engineering team and I work on our iOS app, and I’m located in Ottawa, Canada.

What’s the most exciting engineering challenge you’ve solved at Wonolo?

It’s hard to just pick one. One of the big perks of working on a small team is you get to make a big impact and work on every layer of the mobile development process. You really get your hands dirty. We recently moved away from hamburger menu navigation and move towards a more modern UX app flow experience. I got to completely re-architect how our app navigation and deep linking works. It was a fun project and an awesome challenge.

What’s the next engineering skill or technology you want to learn?

Definitely SwiftUI. I’m so excited to bring Wonolo’s app UI to the next level. With SwiftUI, we’re going to be able to build more readable, testable code and it’s going to scale so well for our future, and I can’t wait to edit in it.

What’s one perk of working from home as an engineer?

The flexible hours are awesome. I’m definitely an early bird, so I get my best coding done way early in the mornings. Sometimes if I’m stuck on a difficult problem, I’ll just go and take my dog for a lunchtime hike and then I come back to it with a clear head. Being able to make my own schedule and work whenever I’m the most productive has been so awesome for my work.

If you really knew me, you would know that…

If you really knew me, you would know that I’m a huge board game geek. I’m so stoked that Wonolo actually has a board game club called Settlers of Wonolo, and we always meet up for Catan games either midday or after work. It’s been so much fun!