• Wonolo

In the months leading up to this year’s HR Tech conference in Chicago, the team here at Wonolo agonized over how edgy we wanted to be at this conference. It was to be our first ever exhibition at a major conference and because we had the most fiscally friendly sized booth (read: small), in order to stand out we would need to take a chance on booth design.

We landed on an idea targeting our competition, the traditional staffing industry, with a straight up comparison of them vs us, the old vs the new, the past vs the future. In a nod to some of the great comparison advertising such as


Coke & Pepsi



Mac vs PC, or more recently


Verizon vs AT&T, we unveiled the traveling Museum of Staffing and had its inaugural exhibit at HR Tech.

The Museum of Staffing took some of the biggest differentiators between Wonolo and traditional staffing and brought them to life for all attendees to see. A picture speaks a thousand words and we believe a physical exhibit speaks even more. This is what our exhibit looked like:


We had four main messages we wanted to convey to any patron of the Museum of Staffing, all revolving around the benefits of a modern technology-based staffing platform. These were our superiority in fill rate, in speed, in technology, and flexibility with your money.

  1. When 34% just isn’t going to cut it…

There are many instances in life when operating at 34% simply isn’t going to work, like this football. Or, consider traditional staffing agencies with this same 34% average fill rate. Tired of being in the unlucky ⅔ who can’t get help when you need it most? Then Wonolo is for you, with a 90% average fill rate. Now that’s more like it.


  1. Hello, freedom through technology! Goodbye, desk drama!

Like this old school landline, traditional staffing agencies keep you tied down to your desk, whether it’s the recruiters’ old smile and dial routine, piles of resumes to sort through and the cycles of interviews that won’t just end. Embrace the freedom of Wonolo’s mobile technology to seamlessly connect your business with talent in a way that’s better, faster, and more cost-effective.


  1. Fast. Like four minutes fast.

Time just seems to slip through your fingers, like the grains of sand in this hourglass, when you’re in the hot pursuit of finding the best talent to fill an open role. The wait drags on for day after day. Sound familiar? Leave the traditional staffing model (and the excruciating wait) in the dust. Wonolo can fill your position in an average of four minutes.


  1. Why are you paying more for less?

Your money, at this very moment, might be in the midst of being held hostage. By a staffing agency. That likely will be unable to deliver on its promise of actually filling your open position in a timely manner. Aren’t you tired of having your money tied up like this? Let Wonolo help you ultimately break free.


It certainly helped the HR Tech was Oct 4-7th, or the week leading up to Tom Brady playing his first NFL game this season after serving his four game suspension for Deflategate. Trying to play with a football filled with only 34% of the required air may even pose a challenge for the Golden Boy. We had many attendees pay a visit to our museum to snap a picture of the Fill Rate display, make comments about the Patriots, or in one case, from whom I must assume was a very passionate New England fan, throw an irate fit about how dare we or the NFL or anyone for that matter accuse Tom Brady of cheating.

The Museum of Staffing was a success and apparently word got out ahead of time that our Museum would debut at HR Tech, so none of the traditional staffing agencies showed up. We’ll send them a free pass to come check it out at its next stop.

We also wanted to give a shout out to what seemed to be the two most popular booths with very creative gimmicks to drive foot traffic.

Jobvite held their Choose Your Candidates Widely Campaign, staffed by none other than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Who would miss a photo opp with the these two?


HighGround somehow managed to get puppies, yes a collection of adorable, adoptable puppies into HR Tech. They gave away free Starbucks Gift Cards too, but really not sure why, because nothing beats puppies. Until next year when someone brings giraffes.


Color us impressed. Doggone it, they have our vote for the winners of HR Tech 2016. Excited to up our game in 2017 in Las Vegas and see who the top dog is next year.