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Britt Miller

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Merchandising can easily be one of the most exciting jobs you can do, mainly because it involves working with various products.

However, if you don’t have any previous experience with merchandising, it could easily be a daunting and confusing task.

Merchandising usually involves making sure that certain products are stocked in the right location, at the right time, and in the right quantity.

Needless to say, it is an important business task which must be handled with seriousness.

The thought of managing the circulation of various products for an entire business might seem overwhelming, but with some guidance it can be done even with little previous experience.

1. Research the Business You Will Be Working For

While merchandising focuses on the circulation of goods throughout a business, the type of goods circulated and the business model varies from establishment to establishment, and it is best to understand what you will be working with.

What type of business will you be working with? The merchandising needs of a restaurant will be different from, say, a clothing store. Understanding what type of business you will be working with will go a long way in helping you.

Look into what type of goods the business deals in. Some goods are easier to manage and circulate than others. If you will be working in an establishment that deals with larger items, you may have an easier time than if the items being stocked are smaller items.

This will also help you know if you’ll need any sort of protective garments or if you will be dealing with any potentially dangerous items.

If you will be working in an establishment that stocks clothes, for instance, you should visit the company website and become familiar with the products they stock and what products you will likely deal with.

2. Research Customer Needs

A big part of your job as a merchandiser involves product placement according to customer needs and specifications.

Before your work begins, you should do some preliminary research into what products are popular with customers and what products appear to be high in demand.

Customer opinions and preferences can often be found via online forums and, more importantly, the social media pages of the establishment in question. Customers voice their complaints and suggestions there, and this often leads to online discussions about the products in question.

Having this knowledge before reporting for work will not only make your job easier but will likely leave a good impression with those you will be working with.

3. Arrive On Time

Because of the nature of the job, you should plan to arrive at the location well before the time you are expected to.

Arriving early will give you the opportunity to get familiar with your surroundings. If the store is divided into aisles, introduce yourself to the staff and walk around briefly. Get an idea of how products are arranged and stocked. This will save you the stress of having to figure this out after work has begun.

Make sure to speak to the person who will be supervising you, and get an idea of what your specific duties are.

If there are other people who are also on the grounds for a merchandising job, ask questions and get familiar with the system being used and the record-keeping format.

4. Understand the Business Environment

When you first begin your work, you will most likely receive a briefing from your supervisor or another superior.

This briefing will explain a bit about the company, their line of business, their customers and products, and what will be expected of you.

One of the first things to take note of is the practices already in place. These could be promotions run periodically, certain displays that have proven to be effective over the years, or the display arrangements.

Another thing that you should take note of is challenges being faced and the goals that the business wants to reach. Maybe certain products aren’t selling as well as expected, or the business wants to increase focus in specific areas.

Knowing this will help you understand what you should strive for in your new job, whether it be creative problem solving or maintaining the status quo.

5. Strive for Efficiency

Once you’ve identified what your tasks are, it is up to you complete them to the best of your abilities.

An essential part of merchandising is circulation control, and if this duty is assigned to you, you should make sure that it runs smoothly. Take stock of goods currently available, and ensure that stock is replenished as soon as possible.

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