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When it comes to hiring and recruitment, social media can be an extremely powerful tool. If you want to get the most out of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other networks, you need a powerful social media recruitment and promotion strategy. Here’s our guide to using social media to attract light industrial workers to your job postings.

“Light industrial” can relate to several different industries. Most common among them are food production, consumer electronics manufacturing, warehouse and logistics operations, furniture making, and automotive assembly. There are many roles available for light industrial workers including distribution, pickers and packers, sorters, and more.

Use the Right Social Media Network

Your first step is to decide which social media network(s) you want to use. Because light industrial staff are often of the first rung or two of the employment ladder, a professional networking site like LinkedIn might not be your best option. Instead, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram could all be better choices. They are utilized by Millennials and others who are more likely to be interested in the jobs you’re offering.

Find and Follow Influencers in Light Industry

The power of social media comes from having others magnify, share, and follow you and your posts. One of the best ways to get that reach is to interact with  light industry influencers. Search your social network for people, profiles, and groups related to what your business does. Do some research to find out who the most important influencers are, and follow them. Start sharing useful information so you can build up relationships and rapport.

Share Content in a Smart Way

You shouldn’t just post job listings to social media — that will get people to tune out very quickly. Instead, share genuinely useful content, insight, and news about light industry. Link to authoritative pieces and blog articles, retweet and share posts from influencers, and generally try to add value.

Answering questions and being a good resource can also do wonders to enhance your profile and get you more followers. This won’t just boost your recruitment post efforts, it will also help market your light industrial business.

Understand How Searching, Tagging, and Headlines Can Get Light Industrial Job Listings Noticed

When you post job light industrial job listings, you will need to use the right keywords and tags to get noticed. Look at other employment posting tweaks and note the ones that have the best reponses (most shares, retweets, and interactions.) Then, use a similar technique in your own posts. Experiment with different wording and track click-throughs and responses so you can understand the types of wording that encourage people to find out more and apply.

Integrate Social Media with Your Overall Light Industrial Recruiting Strategy

Although social media is great, it’s just one part of an overall recruiting strategy. Ensure that social media is supported by other areas like posting jobs on your website, job board portals, and elsewhere. Make the application process as simple and streamlined as possible, and make it easy for others to share your job positions themselves.

Provide Plenty of Details on Your Company Website

Your social media marketing is just a recruitment channel. You should link to a fully-featured job description with options for candidates to apply directly. Make sure that job descriptions are well written, are captivating, and get across all the necessary skills, experience, and other factors you’re looking for. We can help — Wonolo has links to sample job descriptions for delivery drivers, general laborers, merchandisers, data entry clerks, receptionists, servers, warehouse workers, dishwashers, cooks, and warehouse workers.

Use Images and Other Media to Promote Your Workplace

You want to make your business and workplace as enticing and attractive as possible to candidates. That means talking up your workplace in your blog posts and on your website. If possible, post images of your workplace and videos about what it’s like to work there. Even better, try to get other workers to talk about what they love about working for your business; that can be a really powerful way of attracting other light industrial workers.

Create a Social Media Schedule

You can’t just randomly post light industrial job descriptions to social media whenever you want. Instead, look at when key influencers in your area post and get the most interactions, then use that to help manage your own social media schedule.

Tools like Buffer and Hootsuite can help you analyze the best times to post to the various social media networks for maximum exposure. You can also use both of those tools to automate social media posts, for job descriptions and other areas. That way, you can continue your outreach without having to be online at that moment.

Track Social Media Interactions, Click Throughs, and Applications

If you’re serious about promoting light industrial job openings through social media, you need to track how effective your efforts are. Use social media analytics to track which of your posts get the most interaction and traction. Link that back to people who click through to your website and make applications.

That way, you can learn the best times, methods, channels, networks, and wording to use to maximize visibility and uptake. Use your analytics and findings to tweak your social media recruitment efforts, so you can get a clear understanding of your ROI.

Consider Boosting Recruitment Efforts with Paid Advertising

All the main social media networks let you expand your reach and visibility with paid ads. If you’re not getting enough applicants, or your posts just aren’t reaching enough people, consider paid advertising to boost interactions.

This can often be a better use of your recruitment marketing budget than many other forms of advertising or promotion. Again, use analytics so you can see a clear correlation between paid advertising and job applications.

Don’t Forget About Wonolo

Finally, we want to let you know how we can help. We understand that light industrial businesses often need to hire permanent employees. We also know that sometimes you need temporary, on-demand workers for swings in demand, one-off projects, covering staffing shortages, or other reasons. That’s where Wonolo excels.

We’re an easy-to-use, temporary and on-demand workforce platform. If you need to fill a shift, get extra workers, or more people on the ground for whatever reason, we can fill open positions in less than a day. With costs that are a fraction of a traditional temp recruitment agency, it makes great business sense too. Plus, when you find someone you love, making them an offer and placing them on your team is a breeze. 

Next time you need temporary, on-demand light industrial workers, why not give us a try?