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If you peruse warehouse jobs on Wonolo, odds are you’ve seen a Wonolo Requestor seeking a certified forklift operator. While that may sound somewhat official and complicated, getting OSHA certified to drive a forklift is actually as simple as taking an online course. Where it gets complicated is the fact that you still have to physically learn how to operate a forklift.

Fortunately, if you’re willing to invest a little bit of time and money, you can learn how to drive a forklift in just four to eight hours. Plus, there are plenty of places where you can learn how to operate a forklift and gain OSHA certification at the same time. In northern and central California, you might consider Cromer Material Handling or, if you’re in the New York/New Jersey area, EZ Wheels Driving School offers forklift driver training at each of its six locations in the region.

If you’re not close to one of those training facilities, remember that in most cities, vocational schools, forklift dealers, forklift rental companies, and work safety schools offer a forklift driving course that includes both classroom instruction and hands-on learning opportunities at the wheel of a forklift. Once you’ve gotten some hands-on experience operating a forklift however, you still have to be OSHA certified every three years.

So, to help you find the easiest, fastest way to regain your forklift certification, we’ve put together some online options. While their methods, costs, materials (if any) and certification card delivery system may vary, each one ultimately offers the certification you may need to accept more jobs through Wonolo.

(Remember that the following companies DO NOT instruct you how to operate a forklift, instead offering only OSHA-compliant certification. Even if you have previous forklift operating experience and receive certification, the Requestor should assess your skills before allowing you to operate their equipment.)

Forklift Certification Institute (FCI)

FCI offers an OSHA-compliant forklift certification and training course for just $48. The course is offered completely online and includes all required study materials and operating manuals, unlimited practice exams, a no-time-limit final exam, 24-7 certification exam access, immediate exam grading, and instant PDF proof of certification delivered via email. FCI offers unlimited final exam attempts and the course can be accessed through any computer platform, mobile phone or tablet.

US Forklift Certification

USFC’s OSHA-compliant certification course offers certification based on the requirements of your state of residence for as low as $38. That price gets you an online forklift operating course which the company says can be completed in one to two hours and unlimited final exam attempts. Upon passing the certification exam, USFC will mail a certification card for your wallet, which will arrive in seven to 10 days. If you don’t want to wait for your card to arrive, for an extra $10, USFC offers an instant-print completion certificate and, for an extra $20, you can also get online card verification and a certification sticker for your hard hat. In addition, a link on the USFC page can also connect you to the forklift driving school nearest you.

Forklift Academy

Forklift Academy’s individual online forklift certification package includes a complete, one to two hour forklift training course, which includes a video covering rules and regulations, all OSHA-required documents, a sample test, and an online test. The company offers unlimited test attempts and, upon successfully passing the exam, you can print your certificate from your computer. A wallet card is available by mail. The Forklift Academy forklift certification course is offered for $49.50.

At Home Prep

Billed as an easy-to-understand training program, At Home Prep’s certification course offers a fully OSHA-compliant program that you can complete anytime, anywhere, at your own pace, in just one to two hours. The course covers the fundamental principles of safely operating a forklift and, upon successful completion, immediate printing of your certification. The At Home Prep certification course is available for $39 and, for just $20 more, the company offers one year’s access to a package more than 25 OSHA safety and training courses.


Though the $59.95 price is the highest of any of the programs we’ve highlighted, the CertifyMe forklift certification program offers two things the others don’t; that is, free certification renewals every three years and curriculum offered in both English and Spanish. Note that, while the CertifyMe course is an online program that can be completed in about an hour, the company offers different courses for different classes of forklifts, such as one course for warehouse forklifts and another for pallet jacks and order pickers. Whichever course you choose, CertifyMe provides all the needed study guides and materials and, upon completion, immediate access to a certificate and wallet card.