A well-executed strategy is the backbone of successfully sourcing temporary workers.

Especially during times of increased demand, the ability to quickly find reliable talent can significantly impact your company’s ability to deliver on seasonal demand spikes.


Creating a Seasonal Staffing Plan

The foundation of a successful seasonal staffing strategy lies in accurately assessing your company’s labor needs during peak periods.

Start by analyzing historical sales data, industry trends, and any external factors that may impact demand to identify the specific timeframes when your company experiences surges in business. Understanding the peak seasons or high-demand periods will help you plan the required worker levels accordingly.

Furthermore, evaluate the tasks and responsibilities that need additional support during peak times and create a comprehensive list of the skills and expertise required to complete these tasks effectively. This will ensure you engage with temporary workers with the right qualifications and experience to seamlessly and efficiently get the work done.


Executing a Repeatable Sourcing Strategy

After fully understanding your company’s labor needs, it’s time to build an effective strategy that will attract the right seasonal workers.

  1. Define Clear Temp Worker Needs: Begin by understanding your company’s specific needs during peak seasons. Analyze historical data, sales forecasts, and industry trends to identify the periods when additional support is required. Determine the number of temp workers needed, their skill sets, and the duration of their engagement.
  2. Identify Job Specifications: Prior to engaging workers, you’ll need to determine what skills and special requirements are needed. Depending on where you source your workers, you should have the ability to list key job specifications in order to ensure that the workers showing up to your jobs meet your minimum requirements.
  3. Evaluate Partners: Collaborating with staffing agencies or job marketplaces can significantly streamline your sourcing process. By using companies, like Wonolo, you can gain access to large pools of workers and quickly match jobs to qualified workers based on your specifications. Ensure you choose a partner that can fill your specific job types and has a proven track record of connecting you to reliable workers.Some questions to ask as you vet staffing partners:
    • What is your average fill rate?
    • How quickly can jobs be filled?
    • What markets do you service?
    • What job types can be filled?
    • What qualifications do the workers on your platform have?
  1. Craft Compelling Job Descriptions: Develop clear and enticing job descriptions that highlight the benefits of accepting jobs with your company during peak seasons. Emphasize any unique perks, opportunities for growth, and the positive impact seasonal workers will have on the business.
  2. Provide a Positive Experience: Once the right workers have committed to your job, it’s also important to prioritize their experience. Welcome them warmly, introduce them to your team, and level-set expectations with them so that they are set up for success.
  3. Monitor Peak Season Performance: Throughout peak season, keep a pulse on key business metrics to determine efficiency. A good staffing agency or job marketplace platform will provide you with detailed reports so that you always know your fill rates, cost savings, and other indicators that can be used to gauge the performance of your business’ seasonal staffing efforts.
  4. Evaluate and Optimize for Next Season: At the current season, evaluate what worked and what needed improvement. You can leverage that insight to better excel during your next seasonal spike.

By following these steps and crafting a comprehensive plan, you’ll be better equipped to handle peak demand periods with skilled and motivated temporary workers. A well-executed staffing strategy not only ensures smooth operations during busy times but also fosters a positive impression of your company among both customers and seasonal workers.


Need help preparing for seasonal demand? We created a comprehensive guide to help you design and implement a successful seasonal staffing strategy that empowers your business to thrive during peak demand periods. Click below to check out the full guide!

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