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HR Hero #002

To continue our series of HR pros that we admire for their fresh, innovative thinking in the field, we’re thrilled to debut the profile for an HR Hero from a brand very near and dear to us, Coca-Cola. (For those who aren’t in the know, Wonolo is backed by The Coca-Cola Company via the Coca-Cola Founders program.) Meet Ceree Eberly, the beloved beverage brand’s Chief People Officer. We got a chance to get her thoughts about how she envisions HR and what she thinks about the business function in general.


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The one piece of advice I’d give to a new manager is: Balance the need to drive business results with taking the time to get to know your people and what matters to them

I’m most proud of: Our team. They are awesome and they inspire me to be a better person

I feel happiest when: I can make a difference to the life of someone

I started working in HR because: I was better at people than trying to be a doctor

It drives me nuts when: People pass the buck and don’t take accountability

I’m particularly excited about: The role HR can play impacting the business to drive future growth

HR is: Awesome–we can change the game with business!

I always start my day with: Gratitude–having another day on the planet

I think the staffing industry is: On the verge of changing the game on talent

The next great innovation in HR is: Automation

My go-to interview question is: What is one thing I haven’t asked you that I should know or I have assumed?

The Home Depot’s Eric Schelling’s go-to interview question: What is the biggest misperception people have about you? That I am too nice because I come from the southern part of the U.S. and I smile a lot!

Firing someone is: Gut-wrenching and not done without a lot of thought

My favorite app is: Uber

We can “sexify” HR by: Changing how we communicate and connect to our employees

The one trait I look for in a good employee is: Will give two–having the right values and the ability to learn

The superhero I most relate to is: My dad–he was my coach and my hero! But I do like Yoda and Jedi Knights