Britt Miller

Britt Miller

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HR Hero #001

It’s no secret that we’re excited for what the future holds when it comes to the worlds of HR and staffing. We believe that HR is the space on the verge of the next great wave of innovation. In that spirit, we wanted to capture that incredible energy for what the future of HR looks like, which was how the concept of this “HR Heroes” series came to life.


These heroes come from all kinds of companies and backgrounds, but there’s one key link among them all – these are the people that we admire for changing the game in HR in their own unique ways.

To start things off in the series, we’re excited to unveil the profile for an HR Hero from a brand that is quite literally a household name, The Home Depot. Meet Eric Schelling, the home improvement superstore’s Head of Global Talent Acquisition. We got a chance to pick his brain about how he tackles HR and what he thinks about the world of HR in general.

Be on the lookout for more profiles of HR Heroes, and if you have someone you think would be a great fit for this series, tweet your nomination to us and use the #hrhero hashtag.


The one piece of advice I’d give to a new manager is: Being “right” is just your perspective; always realize the other person’s perspective is that you are “wrong.” Listen and have empathy

I’m most proud of: My team. I believe I have the best talent acquisition team in the U.S. with committed leaders, committed associates, and at the core, amazing people

I feel happiest when: I am with my husband and my dogs at home watching Antiques Roadshow

I started working in HR because: It is a space where you have the ability to change and improve someone’s life

It drives me nuts when: Almost every time I type on my iPhone the word “the,” it always types “he,” and at the pace that I type, I find myself constantly editing to the point that it’s not worth sending the text

I’m particularly excited about: Technology; it’s incredibly exciting to see how technology is actually making us think, act, behave, and do business different. We have no choice but to be uncomfortable and jump on the technology bandwagon, and I love it

HR is: The people side of business and arguably one of the most important

I feel that HR’s impact can be measured by: The sustainability of the company; a company can’t grow, innovate, thrive and gain personal employee commitment without a great HR foundation

I think the staffing industry is: A bit dated in its approach. Whether it is in-house or outsourced, the technology is behind compared to other tech industries

The next great innovation in HR is: One-click apply…finally

My go-to interview question is: What is the biggest misperception people have about you?

Our own Yong Kim’s go-to interview question: What does hustle mean to you? Hustle means to move at a decent pace. Now, you have to move fast, very fast

My HR Hero is: Any leader, not just in HR, that puts their associates first and focuses on their life, their work, their exposure, their recognition, their development, their feedback. Those leaders are heroes and change lives without even knowing it

My favorite app is: Ahh, I have many. Facebook, Uber,, The Home Depot, Rue La La, and Amazon

We can “sexify” HR by: Having tech companies invest in HR technology. After all, we are cool, right?

The one trait I look for in a good employee is: Someone who is courageous and self-inspired to make a difference. I would rather rope someone in instead of having to push someone

The superhero I most relate to is: The Invisible Man. I would rather sit and listen in on a conversation and not say anything and be invisible if possible and soak it all in before creating my opinion. Of course, there are many times I may be viewed as the Joker but that’s for another discussion