Britt Miller

Britt Miller

  • Wonolo

My name is Blaine and I am a Wonoloer. Before Wonolo I was a Bay area transplant seeking a full-time job.

I’m an empty nester and I decided to relocate to San Francisco from Fresno to live in a city near the beach. I’ve worked hard all my life, but at 52 years old I found it difficult to find work in San Francisco. After spending a few months working a job installing glass windows, I decided I needed better pay and benefits. My roommate told me about Wonolo and I immediately signed up and picked up a delivery driver job for Good Eggs. After working there as a preferred Wonoloer for a few months, I eventually joined the Good Eggs team as a full-time delivery driver.

Working at Good Eggs is like being part of a large family. As part of the team, I have access to free chef-prepared meals, discounted organic groceries, and excellent healthcare benefits. The best part of my job is when I knock on a customer’s door to deliver their order and I hear children cheering in the background in anticipation of opening their Good Eggs boxes. Knowing that I work for a company whose product brings joy to their customers makes me really proud.

Although I work full-time at Good Eggs, I still love being a Wonoloer and making extra cash in my downtime. On my off days, I use the Wonolo app to pick-up shifts as a delivery driver and also jobs preparing meals that are served on flights departing from SFO Airport. I keep myself busy and am thankful to Wonolo for providing me with so many opportunities to make money and have a second career.

Wonoloing allows me to fulfill my lifelong dream of living in San Francisco near the beach.