Hi! I’m Ravenna and I’ve been working consistently on the Wonolo app since the end of 2018. Before I found Wonolo, I worked at a fast-food restaurant and knew that I didn’t want to be there long term. When I joined Wonolo, I saw that work could be flexible and fun. Plus I could start setting financial goals for myself and have a means of achieving them.

Wonolo jobs keep me on my toes! I love that there’s lots of variety and I can gain different types of experiences. I choose jobs based on the schedule I have. Currently, I worked part-time, so having flexible work to fit around my work schedule is important to me! I actually found my part-time job through a Wonolo job!

I also like the fact that the worker and company can try each other out to see if it’s a good fit. If a job isn’t what I enjoy, I can move on. Or, on the other hand, if I love the job, I can keep an eye out for more of those shifts.

As I prep for my Wonolo jobs, I think of the awesome Wonoloers who have set great examples for me and the 5Ps: prepared, punctual, professional, polite, and positive. I feel supported at the job and even afterward. When I have questions or concerns, I email the Wonolo support team and they always help me out! It’s great to have that back-up when I need it. 

Wonolo has allowed me to pay off my debt without sacrificing time. I haven’t needed to get an extra part-time job. It’s flexible and fits into the lifestyle I’ve created. I am a Wonoloer.