Britt Miller

Britt Miller

My name is Crystal and I’ve been accepting jobs on the Wonolo app for a little over a year now. My cousin first told me about Wonolo, and then I started to see it pop up all over my social media. Before I started Wonolo, I was a manager at a track race. Neither the pay nor the hours were what I wanted, so I was looking for something extra to bring in more cash. I started accepting jobs posted on Wonolo while I was still employed to bring in the extra income I needed.

Eventually, I switched to only accepting jobs on Wonolo and other app work because I could create my own schedule and pick the hours I wanted. I also loved the variety. I didn’t have to do the same thing every single day. I tried new jobs a lot to keep things exciting and interesting for me! With Wonolo, I am able to save more money and have fun while I work. I’ve had neat opportunities come my way, including meeting President George W. Bush at one of the events I worked.

I am a people person through and through. By choosing the jobs I want to work on the Wonolo app, I get to communicate and work with all sorts of people, and I thrive in those environments. Other than Wonolo, one of the apps I was working on was a cleaning service. Quickly I realized I could start my own cleaning business- a lot of the inspiration to do this came from meeting awesome people at the businesses who post jobs on the Wonolo app.

Wonolo made it possible for me to be financially independent without needing to go a 9-5 job every day and to have more time with my 8-year-old daughter. Time is precious, and I was able to utilize my time better once Wonolo came into my life!

With my cleaning business, I’m insured, have business cards, and a growing clientele! The goal is to bring on more people so they can do the day to day and I can focus on growing the business. Right now, I’m continuing to accept jobs posted on Wonolo to save more and build my business.