Britt Miller

Britt Miller

He started finding jobs in CA when he visited family. He would have some free time and make some money on the trips.

Hey there! I’m Latham from Phoenix, AZ. I heard about Wonolo a couple of years ago. I would visit family in California and pick up jobs there to make some extra side money. My background is in graphic design and marketing. I do a lot of packaging design work and corporate branding. 

Currently, I run my own graphic design freelance business along with developing a new mobile app concept. With Wonolo, I have the flexibility to pursue both of these endeavors.

I love Wonolo because it’s so different from what my background is. Most of the jobs I accept on the Wonolo app are labor-based, and it’s a welcomed departure from being in front of a computer all day. It gets me moving and that helps break up my schedule. 

Overall, accepting jobs on Wonolo gives me the freedom to pursue my own agenda and direction. It fills in the void when work isn’t available as a designer, but I can still pursue my own goals!