Britt Miller

Britt Miller

Hey! My name is Harold and I’m from Lancaster, CA which is east of LA. I started working jobs on Wonolo almost a year ago back in September of 2018. I heard about it through my cousin who also worked Wonolo jobs. Before I started finding jobs on Wonolo, I was doing temp agency work. It was never consistent and I had to always wait to see when the next job would come around. 

The big difference with Wonolo is that it’s convenient! I don’t have to wait for jobs to become available. I can proactively find jobs that work for me. Jobs pop up on my phone via notifications all throughout the day. I can easily see what the job requires, how much they pay, the distance, and more! I can decide if a job fits around my schedule and go from there.

Working a Wonolo job is pleasant, relaxing, and peaceful. I always come in with a clean slate without pretense. No one has an assumption about me. I love meeting new people because I learn something different every time! I also love working Wonolo jobs because I always feel prepared when walking into a new job. I can read the full description of what it entails, which makes it all very self-explanatory. All the communications are professional. There are no hidden agendas. Best of all, I can decide by reading the description, if I want to do the job or not.

What I enjoy the most about working Wonolo jobs is the opportunity to learn something new! No matter how many times I do a warehouse job, there’s always something new I can learn from a Requestor or fellow Wonoloer. Each person has their own perspective and style, and I always try to pick up best practices. 

I am a Wonoloer, because the work allows me to have an income that’s reliable at any time. I have a four-year-old son, and we love to go to the beach. We go to Catalina Island as much as we can! Wonolo gives me the flexibility to spend time with him, work, and fulfill my financial obligations. Work can be fun and flexible for anyone!