Hey! I’m James and am so glad to be featured on this month’s I am a Wonoloer blog series. I started working on the Wonolo app in July of 2018. I heard about it through a friend. She knew that I liked an independent work schedule. 

Before Wonolo, I was working with temp agencies, but I didn’t like sticking with one job. I like variety and change when it comes to work, so when I found out I could do that with Wonolo, I knew I found something great! 

Every day changes with Wonolo and my schedule is flexible. As a Wonoloer, I feel like I’m taken care of. I never had that before while I was working at temp agencies. 

Finding the right job for me is fun! When I choose which jobs to work, I look at the pay and commute. From there, I take a look at the description of the job to see if it piques my interest and then I decide. 

During the actual job, I have a lot of fun! Usually, the work is simple, but my goal is to always get a 5-star rating, so I make sure I’m prepped and ready to work hard. 

The best parts about Wonolo are the pay, flexibility, and independence. What I earn gets deposited quickly. I can work when I want, which is important since I have multiple businesses of my own. It gives me independence. As a 25-year-old musician and entrepreneur, I love that I can have control over my work life. I can pick up and leave to travel and do a show. I am a Wonoloer because I free to what I want whenever I want!