• Evan

Hey there! My name is Evan and my TikTok about Wonolo went viral a couple of weeks ago. I share about my #VanLife experience and being a Wonoloer has been a big part of that.

Before I decided to live life on the road, I was working a job that I found no joy in. I would mindlessly work day in and out, but I knew I wanted something more. I wanted to change things up and travel more. I started watching #VanLife videos and decided to try that out!

I heard about Wonolo before I  decided to be on the road, but never thought about accepting jobs. When my van was finished, I knew I needed to find flexible work. I remembered I had downloaded the Wonolo app, so that’s when I signed up and really got started. I was able to quit my job and start traveling. 

Now it’s been two years living the van life and I love it! I’ve worked Wonolo jobs in California, Arizona, Utah, Tennessee, Illinois, and Florida. Wonolo gives me the flexibility to go wherever I want and work! I also love meeting Wonoloers when working the jobs. They become my friends and we stay connected! I’ve met many other #VanLife people and even found my best friend who’s a Wonoloer and #VanLifer. 

It’s been awesome to see the reaction I’ve had towards my TikTok. I answer questions about Wonolo every day now. I absolutely love this app. I can’t wait to see jobs in more places, so I can keep traveling the country! With the flexibility of working Wonolo jobs and living the #VanLife, I can live my dream of traveling whenever I want.