• Wonolo

I am Ian M. and I am a Wonoloer in Seattle.

I am a certified optician and I moved temporarily to San Francisco from Seattle a few years ago to work in a temporary job. After this assignment finished, I needed to pick up work again. A friend of mine was using Wonolo and it sounded very straight forward. Wonolo was pretty much exactly what I was looking for: it paid me quickly and it was easy to get started. Since then, I’ve moved back to Seattle where I still use Wonolo.

Here in Seattle, I’ve been doing warehousing jobs for a women’s apparel company. Wonolo lets you choose where you work. When I find a place I like to work, I’ll keeping going to that place. It’s important to me that a workplace is organized, so Wonolo lets me be picky about who I work for.

Also, with Wonolo, you can work when you want. There’s no pressure to pick up a job, for instance last week was my birthday and I took pretty much the whole week off. The hours are up to you, it’s more a matter of how much money do you want to make. Right now, I work all the time and I’m getting paid almost everyday. I use my Wonolo earnings to save for specific goals, I’m thinking of buying a motorcycle!

I’ve found that Wonoloers in Seattle are really great, conscious, hard working people. On a job, there’ll be anywhere between two and four other Wonoloers at any given time at the job. Everyone is very personable and nice. My best advice to other Wonoloers is to take ownership of your jobs. When you sign up for a job, it’s yours and you need to complete it.

Wonolo allows me to work across the country with good companies and great people.