• Montrez Working Job Through Wonolo

How did you first hear about Wonolo?

I actually first heard about Wonolo while working at a temp agency. One of the other temp workers mentioned it to me. I remember the name sounded so unique so I ended up looking it up and I’ve been using Wonolo ever since.

Can you describe what you were doing before you discovered Wonolo?

As a professional photographer, Wonolo came in handy as I was working towards building my business. At the time, I was just starting my business and it wasn’t enough to sustain me in the beginning. I love the flexibility and it really works well with my lifestyle.

Is there anything that surprised you about Wonolo when you first started using it?

I loved how quick and easy setting up my account was. I love the incentives offered on the platform. Getting paid after I had completed a job was fast and easy. 

What’s it like to work a job that was posted on Wonolo? 

It varies depending on the environment. For the most part, it’s really easy. Everybody’s very patient with the Wonoloers as far as grasping the work expectations. It always seems pretty easygoing. That’s what I appreciate about it. 

How has Wonolo helped you achieve your goals?

Just working on my own schedule and allowing me to pick my own hours. I can prioritize my life–it’s been a tremendous benefit. 

The incentives have also been extremely helpful. Right now, I’m in a situation where the engine in my car blew and it’s very expensive to get that fixed. There was an incentive for working 10 jobs, and it came right on time to give me the extra cash I needed to get the engine repaired and that alone I am so grateful for.

Have you made any great friends from the jobs you found through Wonolo?

Yes, I have made a handful of friends. Even some of the people on my job today are my friends. It makes you that much happier to come to a job having those friends to work with.

What would you say to someone who’s on the fence about trying Wonolo?

I advocate for Wonolo all the time. I mean ALL the time. If someone’s on the fence about trying Wonolo, I’d say, “Just do it! You won’t be disappointed.” I don’t see any downside to it. Getting started was easier than I expected it to be. It’s the best of the apps that I’ve used and many of the Wonoloers I work with agree with that as well.