• Wonolo

My name is Noy and I am a Wonoloer. Before Wonolo, I was an entrepreneur with a floundering business.

After working as a service manager in the automotive industry for over ten years, I tried to open a business with a partner. At first our business was going really well, but like many other companies, it began to unravel after a few wrong turns.

I started to struggle financially and personally. Times were tough and it felt like everything was hitting me at once. I needed to find work, but I hadn’t been employed by another company for over two years so I struggled to get my foot back in the door. When I finally got the Wonolo app, I was able to accept jobs and utilize my skills. I feel like Wonolo gave me the chance that others didn’t. Using the Wonolo app has truly changed my life!

By being able to work at different companies on Wonolo, I’m also getting a better understanding of how to run a business. You see how others work, hear different points of view and learn that there is more than one way that business works. It’s awesome and it’s going to help me run my own business again one day, a lot better than I did it before.

On top of this, by working on Wonolo, I’m essentially still my own boss. Rather than having to work around someone else’s schedule trying to spend time with my daughter or my family, I pick my hours and the days I work. I have peace of mind knowing that I can always take the day off.

Wonoloing allows me to be a business owner without some of the big worries that come with running a business.