Britt Miller

Britt Miller

Hi! I’m Dawn a Wonoloer in Berkeley, but I can live anywhere because I’m a part of the nomad #vanlife! I started working on the Wonolo app in the fall of 2018. I heard about Wonolo through a YouTuber who was reviewing different apps that drive the gig economy.

Before I started getting gigs from Wonolo, I was working part-time for a theater and I needed supplemental income. I didn’t want to work on any driving apps, so I tried a few other gig apps including Wonolo. My main need was to find short-term gigs that could work around my part-time theater management work.

When I look for a job on Wonolo, I find short-term commitments that don’t conflict with my schedule. My favorite jobs are for one to two days. Most of the time I need quick cash flow, so those jobs fulfill what I need.

Working a Wonolo shift is great! I know that if I work hard, the Requestor will give a high review. I love how easy it is to get paid. It’s a seamless process for me. I also really appreciate the fact that Wonolo takes the time to read feedback. I left a review for a Requestor once, and within minutes someone from Wonolo responded back to my feedback. Wonolo was paying close attention to make sure I could have a better experience next time.

I love using the Wonolo app for a few different reasons. First, the map feature is awesome! I can see jobs that are outside of my direct area. This fulfills the idea of my nomad life. I can travel somewhere, work a Wonolo gig, and then enjoy the area for a couple of days. The flexibility fulfills my priorities. Secondly, it’s so easy to use the app. I log in, find a job, sign up for it, clock in and clock out, and then get paid. It’s that simple. Thirdly, I love that I can prove myself on the job through my actions. Some people aren’t the best going through the traditional application and resume processes when finding a new job. Wonolo allows a person to work hard and prove themselves with their actions rather than a resume.

Wonolo gives me the freedom to get work when I need it. Working and making money is easy now. I don’t have to stress about it, and I can focus my major energy into my passions, like theater management. I find work, get paid, and do what I love whenever I want.