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The world of work is going through profound changes. From the move towards freelance and gig economy workers, to increasing employment mobility, and the need to attract top talent, HR has never been more challenging.

It’s vital to understand what’s going on in the world of talent management and HR, so here are some of the blogs and influencers you need to be reading. From future trends to workplace initiatives, and best practice to building culture, there’s something here for everyone. Enjoy!


“TalentCulture is a metaphor for the social workplace, where participants share ideas and offer peer support through engaging digital forums, dynamic interest groups, and empowering blog content.”

Talent Culture is a blog focused on the modern workplace. HR expert and tech evangelist Meghan M Biro guides you through many of the challenges facing HR today, including recruitment, work trends, automation, reducing employee turnover, technology, and much more.

TalentCulture Post Picks

TLNT — Talent Management and HR

“TLNT serves up news, analysis and opinion on the business of HR for human resource and talent management leaders and professionals. Topics covered include analysis and insight into talent and HR management, training and development, benefits, compensation, legal/ethics, and HR software and technology, among others.”

TLNT Talent Management and HR is a powerful mix of industry news, best practice, and thought-leadership. With posts in areas including HR Insights, Engagement, and Culture, there’s plenty of perspective and food for thought.

TLNT — Talent Management and HR Post Picks

Rebels At Work

“Rebelliousness and restlessness are accepted qualities of entrepreneurs. But what about people on the inside of big organizations? How do they blaze new trails and find ways to change business as usual. What are their characteristics? Could they be an untapped resource for creating more innovative, engaged corporate cultures?”

Rebels At Work takes a slightly sideways look at HR. Rather than focussing on the “tried and true,” Lois Kelly and Carmen Medina write from a contrarian perspective, focussing on the disruptions taking place across talent management and employment. The result is a fascinating read that creates plenty of “Aha!” moments.

Rebels At Work Post Picks

Steve Boese’s HR Technology

“I am currently the Co-Chair of the HR Technology Conference, the world’s largest gathering of the global HR Technology community, and a writer/editor for Human Resource Executive magazine.”

Steve Boese is a well-connected and informed HR expert, writing on technology and how it impacts HR and the changing workplace. The posts are strong on data and analytics, providing deep insight into both HR topics and economy and employment as a whole. In addition to well-sourced and researched articles, you can also find The “HR Happy Hour” podcast, discussing topics of interest to anyone involved in human resources.

Steve Boese’s HR Technology Post Picks

The Greenhouse.io Blog

Greenhouse.io is an HR recruiting and ATS software company, CEO Daniel Chait describes it as follows, “So I launched Greenhouse with a single goal: Make companies great at hiring. The response has been phenomenal. As more and more organizations have moved to Greenhouse, insurmountable recruiting bottlenecks have vanished, and hiring departments have become the well-oiled machines they always knew they could be.”

The blog is written in exactly the same vein. Featuring interviews with HR thought leaders, industry and event information, culture change, workplace reviews, and more, each post is extensively researched, providing deep insight for HR professionals.

Greenhouse.io Post Picks

The Employer Handbook

The Employer Handbook is written by Eric B. Meyer, a partner in Dilworth Paxson LLP’s Labor & Employment Department. The blog itself has a strong legal element, with a focus on HR and employment law. Eric keeps the tone and content of the blog light, turning a dense, complex subject into an interesting, fascinating, and often amusing read.

The Employer Handbook Post Picks

Other Great HR Blogs

There are hundreds more HR blogs out there, here are some more of the best.

We hope you’ve found this useful. Be sure to checkout these HR blogs to learn what’s happening in the industry, and subscribe for all the latest information and innovation.