Yong Kim

Yong Kim

Our vision for Wonolo is to create a world in which work can be flexible and fulfilling for everyone.  Today, my team and I are excited to share the next chapter in our journey to help all Wonoloers find fulfilling work. 

We believe that anyone with the will to work should be able to. We also believe that everyone should be able to earn not just a ‘minimum wage’, but a living wage, and to have the opportunity to take time off, to go on vacation, or to manage a last-minute emergency without worrying about lost earnings. 

That is why we are so proud to introduce a new set of perks and programs called Wonolo Up. As part of Wonolo Up, as you work and meet certain thresholds, you can accrue Flex Time Off (FTO). You’ll be able to cash out FTO the month after it’s earned and use it for whatever you’d like – such as a paid day off, a vacation or even a last-minute emergency. Be on the lookout in your inbox and Wonolo App for more information in the days and weeks to follow.  

Using MIT’s Living Wage Calculator, we will promote businesses on our platform that set jobs at living wages. We are proud that over half of all jobs posted on Wonolo meet or exceed local living wage rates. Our goal is to get to 100% by the end of 2020. We will work tirelessly to make this the new industry standard.

These programs are just part of a comprehensive set of portable benefits from Wonolo Up. Why Wonolo Up? Well, we want to make sure we continue to step Up for Wonoloers on our platform. 

And there are even more! 

In addition to paid Flex Time Off, Wonolo Up gives you access to and discounts on a range of portable benefits including:

Keeper Tax is the first tax filing software designed for independent contractors. Through our partnership, you can get custom content and resource support, as well as $30 off tax filing.  Start scanning here.

Bento members have access to a nationwide network and can save 20-50% off dental care. With Bento’s free service, you only pay when you actually go to the dentist. When signing up, make sure to use the referral code: WL20.

Stride helps you search thousands of health insurance plans, lower your health insurance costs, and makes it easy to enroll, right from your phone. Start enrolling here

Starship is a free mobile health savings account (HSA) with automated investing built for gig workers. The app allows you to set aside funds, tax-free, for health expenses. There are no hidden fees, and you’ll even earn up to 1.5% annual percentage yield.  Click here for more information.

We will continue to update you on more Wonolo Up programs and perks in the months and years to come. As always, please share your feedback, suggestions, or thoughts – you can find us on Twitter @wonolo @yongkookkim

We are truly grateful to you for being part of this journey with us at Wonolo. 

Thank you,