• Wonolo

CategoryArt-StartUps.jpgOne of my all-time favorite movies is the Karate Kid. This year it celebrates is 30th anniversary (now I feel old) and it had been at least a decade since the last time I watched it so I fired it up on Netflix to see what I could learn beyond waxing on and off.

When Mr. Miyagi asks Daniel-san if he is ready to start learning karate (aka sanding the deck and painting the fence), Daniel mumbles a non-commital answer. Mr. Miyagi responds by saying “Walk on road. Walk right side, safe. Walk left side, safe. Walk middle, sooner or later, get the squish, just like grape.” I love it – and its so true.

If you want to have a chance of success at building something that you really believe can change the world, you have to either go all in or stay on the sidelines, but never go half-heartedly. Someone will always be there to run you over if you do.

When we started Wonolo, then subsequently pushed to spin out of Coca-Cola, we did this knowing we were going to walk on the right side of the road and commit 100%. Often, just making a decision (right or wrong) is the most important thing. Another life lesson from my hero, Mr. Miyagi. Now we just need to perform like Daniel-san and win the All Valley Championship our first time out.