• Wonolo

If you’re not familiar with the term “bottleneck,” I guarantee you’ve experienced it before. It refers to, you guessed it, the shape of a bottle: Wide at the base and narrow at the top. It slows down the flow of whatever you’re trying to get out of your business (hint: think revenue).


Outside of the workplace, bottlenecks stop us from pouring drinks on our shirts. In the workplace, bottlenecks keep us from being as profitable as possible. They immediately cause a gap between theorized production capacity and realized production capacity, meaning that you’re paying too much and producing too little.

The most common bottleneck faced by businesses in the logistics space today is limited access to qualified workers. Supply can’t rise to meet demand, and opportunities are lost. To make matters worse, most work in the space is decided by contracts. Losing these contracts due to an unpredictable workforce not only loses you revenue not only now, but for years down the line.

Declining contracts for lack of workers is a sad reality. But what if you could be certain that you had the help you needed, despite the size nor timeline of the project?

Enter Wonolo. The leader of the On-Demand Staffing space today, Wonolo (Work. Now. Locally.) has been breathing new life into the tired staffing industry and uncapping the revenue potential of logistics providers across the country. With an average time of four minutes required to fill each position, you can finally start planning your workforce around the contracts that will result in the most profit.


Think back over the last year. How many times did you have to say “No” to a revenue opportunity?

If your answer was anything but zero, reach out for a free staffing and wage consultation today.