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Writing a resume and searching for new work can be stressful. You are constantly on the edge of whether or not your next application will bear any fruit. It’s not easy to get cherry-picked from a group of many other applicants that share similar profiles with you. However, resumes are often built on flimsy ground and statements without real references.

In other words – many resumes are outright fabricated to look nicer than they really are. Many interviewers tend to vet applicants for these details, but sometimes people slip by and get hired based on misleading information. Luckily, many online platforms are built around the idea of employee profiles that can’t be embellished.

Data and resume

These platforms are some of the best sources of credibility, professional experience and references for your resume. Which are the best platforms that can make your resume bulletproof and help you get hired during your next job hunt?

This platform focuses on providing work, experience and money to people with IT and math skills. Figure Eight is a platform dedicated to the development of AI, machine learning and programming as a whole.

While the platform operates on an open-source basis, contributors are constantly provided with work and compensation for their contributions. This is a great way to boost your resume’s legitimacy if you are a fresh IT graduate, a programmer or anyone who specializes in numbers and equations. Fight Eight is simple to use and offers advancement possibilities to those with extra passion for their projects.

Whether you are a potential employee or a hopeful employer, chances are that you are familiar with hiring platforms. Wonolo is one of the more advanced offerings on the market, with employee profiles that are as detailed and secure as they come.

Profiles featured on Wonolo cannot be embellished in any way – they are the true representation of someone’s professional experience and working experience. The platform offers the ability to contact and hire professionals straight through the website with very little downtime in between.

The numerous testimonials and user reviews on Wonolo only serve to prove that the platform is successful in helping people hire and get hired simultaneously. Using Wonolo profiles to boost your resume and raise your chances of getting hired is easy and highly beneficial. If you are looking for a professional hiring platform that is both comprehensive and legitimate, look no further.

Business buildings

People with aspirations to work in the creative industry can rely on Etsy for their public resume data. The platform operates on a basis of sales of handcrafted goods such as jewelry and art. This allows many creatives, designers, painters and others to be seen and make a profit in doing so.

The reviews and experiences left on your Etsy profile are there to stay, meaning that there is no way to fake them and make them appear more positive than they are. This isn’t as problematic as it appears, since good practice and positive customer relations leave nothing but a good note to your name.

Using your Etsy profile, data and testimonials in your resume is a no-brainer. You can even utilize a cover letter writing service to craft a high-quality cover letter that will complement your professional experience adequately. This is a great combination for anyone in search of work in the creative industry.

Freelancing has evolved to a point where many consider it full-time employment. However, others still consider it a means to an end, a hobby that can pay their bills in between jobs. Fiverr is one of the most popular and well-known platforms created with this in mind.

With over 100 different categories of projects, anyone can find something to work on and get paid for doing so. Fiverr also operates on a review basis, meaning that any project you finish will inevitably end up on your profile page. The reviews and scores you gather from clients and companies can easily be integrated into your resume for future job applications.

Many big companies often outsource their work to professionals on Fiverr, which means that these testimonials and references carry a lot of weight. The most important aspect of this data is that it cannot be altered or tampered in any way – everything on Fiverr is legitimately presented as factual data.

Building your resume (Conclusion)

You should always have a resume handy in case an interesting position comes your way. Relying on publically available data to fill your resume is always a smart move. Not only will you appear professional and well-prepared, but also as someone who thinks outside the box.

Chances are that your future employer is looking for someone with the exact background you already have. The more connections and references you have, the easier it will be to get hired. Don’t be afraid to put some time into building online profiles on one (or more) of these services.

This is a guest post from our friends at Resume Centre.