How did you hear about Wonolo?

I heard about Wonolo through a Facebook advertisement.

What surprised you when you first accepted a Wonolo job?

What surprised me the most about accepting my first job was how quickly I got paid.

What do you wish other people knew about the Wonoloer Community?

If there was anything I wish someone could know about the Wonolo community, I would really speak on the diversity. There are many different people on the app. I think that many people would say that the people who accept Wonolo jobs only work in one field. Many of the jobs are production or retail or warehouse, but Wonoloers have a much more diverse skillset. You have full-time professionals that are looking for extra money, so they’ll accept a Wonolo job. You have entrepreneurs that own their own business. You have social workers. I wish that more people would know the diversity of the skillset and the diversity of the people that you meet at Wonolo jobs. 

What makes Wonolo jobs special vs. other jobs out there?

Wonolo jobs are special, because of the flexibility and the ease of accepting the job. There’s no resume or interview. You just download the app, pick a job, and you’re ready to go. I think that’s what really separates Wonolo from other jobs.

If you really knew me, you would know that…

If you really knew me, you would know that I’m a family person. I enjoy doing family activities and gatherings. We do a lot of board games like Family Feud, Monopoly, and Operation. We also like to go to different places on the weekend. We’ll go to the park and I’m one of those moms that’s on the slide, racing , and playing tag. I want to be into what they’re doing and enjoy it together as a family. I also enjoy indoor rock climbing and karaoke. I have no favorite karaoke song. I just take the mic and have fun! Church life is also really important to me along with a good work life-family life balance. If you knew me, those are just a few things that make me into who I am!