Yong Kim

Yong Kim

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Today, I am proud and excited to welcome Meredith Neizer, a supply chain and logistics executive with decades of operational experience, to Wonolo’s board of directors. 

As a distinguished operator, she will be instrumental in helping Wonolo scale and grow while maintaining our focus on frontline workers. In conversations with her, I was struck by her commitment to people and her emphasis on the essential role frontline workers play in making businesses successful. People are the key ingredient. As she said when we announced her appointment: 

“I am very excited to have joined a disruptive startup that empowers and prioritizes the livelihood of frontline workers via technology solutions that enable businesses to create jobs and economic opportunities,” Neizer said. “People are at the heart of visionary businesses and operational excellence.  This is something Wonolo is in pursuit of and clearly gets. I look forward to advising Wonolo on ways to deliver value and scale for long-term success by helping businesses and frontline workers everywhere.” 

In our conversations, I was most impressed with her character, her empathy, her integrity, and her way of talking through problems. She’s someone I know I can talk to when, as will happen when running a high growth startup, things feel overwhelming. 

Meredith is the Senior Vice President of Operations at Armada, where she oversees all aspects of the company’s operations and has been instrumental in developing and leading new strategic and tactical operational initiatives. She was previously Chief Operating Officer for iGPS Company, LLC and held executive leadership positions at US Foods, Alliant Logistics and The Martin-Brower Company, LLC, among others. 

She has also held various domestic and international executive management roles for privately and publicly held global organizations. She currently serves as a board member of the National Industrial Transportation League (NITL), Coyote Logistics’ Customer Advisory Board and she was a consultant for Stanford University’s Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (SEED).

She joins external board members Jess Lee of Sequoia Capital, Jamison Hill of Bain Capital Ventures, Mark Hagan of AMN Healthcare, and Richard Hart, former Chief Financial Office of Guidewire Software. 

I hope everyone across the whole Wonolo community gives her a warm welcome!