Britt Miller

Britt Miller

  • Wonolo

My name is Eternanda and I am a Wonoloer in New York.

Why I work on Wonolo:

I use Wonolo because for me, it’s an awesome opportunity to be your own boss. I’m an artist and not being in control of my hours, doesn’t work for me. With Wonolo, I can take days off when I need and I don’t have to have a full-time schedule. If I want more hours one week, I can work overnight if I need to. It works around my crazy schedule!

Types of Wonolo jobs I enjoy the most:

I’ve always had a lot of different skills, so I enjoy all different types of work. From picking and packing, to virtual reality tester and brand ambassador, I like it all. I believe that if you have many different skills, you’re going to have more opportunities and many different chances to get those opportunities. On Wonolo, I get the chance to do a little bit of everything. I might do virtual reality tonight, then warehousing in the morning, then go to a brand ambassador event in the afternoon. It expands my earning potential.

How I prepare for a Wonolo job:

Before I accept a Wonolo job, I read the job description carefully. If the job description has something I don’t understand and there’s a training opportunity for it, I’ll take it. Some of the jobs have training materials where you get certified or you get a badge in that area. For example, there was a merchandising, this was something I didn’t have experience in. I took the opportunity to get the badge and now I work with premium retail businesses doing merchandising. Sometimes though, I’ll get the badges just for fun. For example there’s a new badge that just came out for general manufacturing processes, I’ve done it already. I haven’t worked this type of job yet, but the option is there for me.

My tips on how to be a top Wonoloer:

When you go to a job, how you present yourself is important. You may work at this company or with these people again, so always present yourself with a smile! Think of it as your business and how you would present yourself if it was your actual product. I also communicate a lot, in fact I over-communicate. If I think there’s even a chance I might be late, I’ll email ahead of time. You just go there with a positive attitude and you make the best out of it no matter what the situation is. I present myself that way and I find it works for me.

My most memorable Wonolo experience:

One time, I really dropped the ball. I was looking at the job description and I saw the word ‘photography’, I thought, ‘‘Oh wow, this is exciting, I love photography”! I clicked so fast that I didn’t read everything in the job description properly. I get there the job was actually general labor for a moving company. The photography was a small part of the moving process. In the moment I thought, “Do I panic? I dropped the ball here, what do I say to them?”. I mean, the way I was dressed, I wasn’t prepared to move a thing. I was dressed like I going to take pictures like of flowers and house decorations! I decided to go straight to the boss and explain. I apologized and let him know I read the job description incorrectly but said I can still do the work because I’ve lifted 50 pounds before. I also asked if he had a sweatshirt I could borrow, which thankfully, he did. Once he paired me with my group, I explained to the entire group what happened and we all laughed. We got to work not only did I end up working the job, it was smooth, and I ended up exceeding their expectations with my photo taking skills! Even though the job wasn’t what I expected it to be, I made the best out of the situation and ended up having a lot of fun with the group on the job!