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Ever wanted to know the exact breakdown of where your company’s on-demand staffing spend, hours, and jobs are going when it comes to workers throughout the week? Well, wonder no more! Wonolo has created a tool for just that.

The Wonolo team is excited to introduce our newest product feature, the Usage page! With this new tool, your company gets access to detailed breakdowns of the jobs you have posted on Wonolo. At a glance, you can view important information, such as which jobs were done on which days and which of your company’s Wonoloers worked the most on certain days. Other criteria that companies can use to filter posted jobs are payments, category of job, posting Requestor, location, and date ranges.

Here’s a breakdown of job categories by week. Categories can be toggled on or off by preference:


As another part of Usage, you can easily see “Total Wonoloer Pay” broken out by your company’s Requestors:


This new feature is now available to all subscription customers on the Wonolo customer portal. It can be found on the left-hand menu underneath your Account page.

Not a subscription member? No problem – contact our sales team to set up a demo and learn more about how to get access to premium features like Usage, as well as other valuable features like Preferred Wonoloers!

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