• temp to perm

As a hiring manager, it can be tough to find the talent you need in a hot labor market. There are many companies competing for the same workers, which makes it harder for you to find workers who are the right fit. That is why many companies are turning to solutions like Wonolo to find temporary workers, who may in fact turn out to be a great fit for permanent jobs down the road. 

What is Temp-to-Perm?

The phrase “temp to perm” is often used to describe the process of hiring temporary workers for permanent jobs. Typically this refers to when companies engage temporary workers for a period of time, as they evaluate if they want to hire the temporary workers permanently. 

The Advantages of Using Wonolo to Find Workers 

Wonolo is not a staffing firm, and it differs from traditional staffing firms in many ways. Wonolo’s job marketplace is “on-demand,” meaning that the Wonolo platform can quickly connect companies with workers whenever and wherever they need them.

Using Wonolo to find workers has a lot of advantages. First and foremost, Wonolo is easy to use, with an app that lets you connect with workers and manage posted jobs on the go. We know that businesses are busy, so we want to make it as seamless as possible to get that right. 

Get to Know Many Different Workers  

With Wonolo you can connect with a large number of available and experienced workers in the area when looking for temporary workers. This exposure to different workers through contracting jobs can give you an edge when sourcing candidates for positions in the future. These people may want to apply for employment because they see a job that they are interested in, or they may refer their peers who are looking for employment to apply. Your previous engagements with the temporary workers can make the hiring process and transition easier.

Determine the Qualities You Need in Workers 

Finding a lot of workers at scale could be overwhelming. With Wonolo, you can quickly connect with the workers you need, when you need them. This flexibility enables you to engage with many different types of people and to determine the experience, expertise, and qualifications that are most important to your business.

Invite Workers You Already Know to Apply for Employment

So when it comes time to hire permanent employees, you can invite workers you already know and have worked with to apply. Knowing that these applicants have successfully completed different types of jobs at your company can give you peace of mind that they are more familiar with your business than someone who has not engaged with you before. That is a hiring win-win. 

Build Your Team

Wonolo helps businesses find qualified workers that fit their needs. That can make the hiring process for permanent employees a lot easier down the line for HR and Operations managers. We love seeing businesses choosing to offer Wonoloers permanent employment opportunities with their companies.