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Britt Miller

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When it comes to choosing the right warehouse and logistics businesses in Dallas, you’ve got plenty of choices. That’s why we’ve carried out the research, to help you find some of the best storage and distribution facilities available in the Big D.

Here’s our rundown for five of the most well-reviewed warehousing and transportation services in the region. Next time you’re searching for the ideal partner for your storage needs in and around Dallas, look no further.

WhiteStar Logistics

WhiteStar Logistics has been in business since 1980 and has over 450,000 square feet of warehousing and storage over its Dallas and Houston locations. They provide extensive services to businesses of all sizes, from single deliveries through to complete supply chain management.

WhiteStar Logistics Services and Specializations

WhiteStar Logistics services include:

  • Warehouse management including network optimization, location planning, inventory and stock management, serial, batch, and lot tracking, and SKU control.
  • Public and contract warehousing.
  • Order fulfillment, picking, packing, and shipping.
  • Cross-docking and transloading.
  • Short- and long-term storage.
  • Racked and bulk storage.
  • Project staging and light assembly.
  • Container freight.
  • Labeling and tagging.
  • Loading, unloading, and freight consolidation.
  • Barcoding and scanning.
  • Security and fire protection.
  • Port, rail, and truck availability.
  • Planned and “just in time” distribution.
  • Complete trucking and logistics services.

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We Pack Logistics

We Pack Logistics has over 30 years of third-party warehousing and distribution experience. They pride themselves on a fast, efficient supply chain and a flexible approach to all customer needs. In addition to standard warehousing and distribution services, they also provide consultation and project management to help businesses build the right logistics solution.

We Pack Logistics Services and Specializations

We Pack Logistics services include:

  • Short- and long-term warehousing and storage.
  • Complete inventory control, customer integration, and tracking.
  • Order fulfilment.
  • Picking and packing.
  • Display building, kitting, and assembly.
  • Bundling, case forming, pallet wrap, and shrink wrapping
  • Transloading between rail and truck.
  • Freezer, cooler, and climate-controlled storage.
  • Intermodal transportation, multiple sources, and multiple destinations.
  • Cross dock to cross country.
  • Full access to freight and rail lines.
  • Broker or leverage transportation relationships.
  • Cross-dock distribution.
  • Truckload and LTL
  • Case pick.
  • Rail services.
  • Product recall.
  • RFID support.
  • Container import and export.
  • “Just in time” distribution.
  • Domestic and international containers
  • Company van, flatbed, drop deck, and lowboy fleet.
  • Specialized production and repacking rooms.

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Delta Logistics

Originally formed as a cotton farmer service business over a hundred years ago, Delta has grown to three large locations around the Metroplex. They pride themselves on exceptional customer service and provide a wide variety of warehouse and logistics functions.

Delta Logistics Services and Specializations

Delta Logistics services include:

  • Long- and short-term storage with over 500,000 square feet of warehouse space.
  • Same day shipping at a piece, case, or pallet level.
  • Picking and packing.
  • Dropshipping capability and integration.
  • Complete EDI supply chain management.
  • Inventory management and stock control.
  • International shipping.
  • Kitting and assembly.
  • Consolidation and repacking.
  • Real-time warehouse management system.
  • Returns processing.
  • Truckload and LTL distribution.
  • ‘Just in time” distribution.
  • Transloading for rail, trucks, and freight carriers.
  • Cross-docking.

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WSI Supply Chain Solutions

WSI is one of the largest privately-held logistics businesses in the US. In addition to reliable, integrated logistics and supply chain optimization, they are implementing a number of environmentally-friendly, green initiatives. They have been in business for over 50 years.

WSI Supply Chain Solutions, Services and Specializations

WSI Supply Chain Solutions services include:

  • Public warehousing for long- and short-term storage.
  • Specialized contract services.
  • Chemical storage, distribution, and logistics.
  • Chemicals handled include flammables, corrosives, poisons, solvents, paints, acids, oxidizers, and more.
  • Chemical facilities are compliant with DOT, EPA, OSHA, and C-TPAT standards.
  • Material handling certifications include IMDG, IATA, DOT, HAZWOPER.
  • Inventory management and tracking.
  • Order management and EDI integration.
  • Custom packaging, repacking, and assembly.
  • Returns management.
  • Inventory management
  • Order fulfillment and tracking.
  • Precise labeling and packaging.
  • E-fulfillment and eCommerce.
  • Advance ship notice and UCC128 labeling.
  • Imported goods devanning and inspection.
  • FTL, LTL, FCL, and LCL shipments.
  • Rail car and intermodal transport.
  • Fully-integrated third-party logistics.

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Edwards Warehouse Company

Edwards Warehouse Company has been in business for more than 50 years. They provide a full range of warehouse, logistics, and distribution services to small- and medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 corporations. They have over 200,000 square feet of storage space in the city limits.

Edwards Warehouse Company Services and Specializations

Edwards Warehouse Company services include:

  • Long- and short-term warehousing and storage.
  • Contract and public warehousing.
  • Shipping and receiving of goods.
  • Computerized inventory management.
  • Rail car access and transloading.
  • Cross-docking.
  • Pool distribution.
  • Detailed batch, lot, and serial number control.
  • Complete fire and security systems.
  • Freight consolidation.
  • Over-the-road, regional, and local delivery services.
  • Products handled include:
    • General merchandise.
    • Non-hazardous chemicals.
    • Raw paper (cut sheet and roll).
    • Paper products.
    • Construction materials.
    • Appliances.
    • Drum goods.
    • Electronics.
    • Wire and cable.
    • Office equipment.

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We hope you’ve found this breakdown of warehousing services in Dallas useful. Remember that if you run a warehouse, or you just need on-demand staff at a moment’s notice, the Wonolo app and temporary worker marketplace is your ideal solution.