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When it comes to choosing the right warehouse and logistics businesses in New York City, you’ve got plenty of choices. We’ve carried out the research for you, to find some of the best storage and distribution facilities available in the Tri-State Area. Here’s our rundown for seven of the biggest warehousing and transportation services in the region.

Intercept Logistics

Intercept Logistics is a major warehouser, distributor, and shipper with several flexible and customizable services. Their aim is to be a “one stop shop” where clients can get all the warehousing and other services they need. They specialize in several types of logistics and storage including Air or Ocean, Air to Door, Door to Air, and Door to Door. They operate a fleet of trucks for domestic shipping and have been in business for more than 30 years.

Intercept Logistics Services and Specializations

Intercept Logistics services include:

  • Flexible, on-demand warehousing.
  • Overnight, short-term, and long-term storage.
  • Complete inventory control and tracking.
  • Packing and unpacking.
  • Wrap and packaging.
  • A large truck network for domestic shipping and expedited delivery.
  • International shipping options by ocean or air.
  • Complete shipment tracking.
  • Residential and commercial cartage.
  • Custom cartage programs.
  • Complete import and export services.
  • Deliveries to warehouses, retail, homes, businesses, and other organizations.
  • Truckload and less than truckload shipping.
  • Container and intermodal services.
  • Liftgate and walk-ups.

Intercept Logistics Contact Details

Mercedes Distribution Center (MDC)

Mercedes Distribution Center, with over 60 years of experience, is located in the heart of Brooklyn. MDC is a premiere fulfillment operation, specialized in servicing top e-commerce brands. The proximity of their facility within New York’s e-commerce epicenter enables MDC to deliver a hub for fulfillment, warehousing and even includes a design studio.

Mercedes Distribution Center Services and Specializations

Mercedes Distribution services include:

  • Branded Fulfillment includes out-of-the box experience complete with custom packaging, in-house assembly, and specialty kitting.
  • Customer Service provides fast delivery and seamless return policy.
  • Technological capability for real-time data and analytics.
  • Easy integration with all leading e-commerce and CRM solutions.
  • Scalability & growth, capability for high-volume transactions to personalize fulfillment.

Mercedes Distribution Center Contact Details

  • Website:
  • Phone: (718) 534-3000
  • Email:
  • Address: Brooklyn Navy Yard, 63 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Prompt Warehousing

Prompt Warehousing is a public warehousing business that provides storage and distribution services across all industries. Their New York warehouse is positioned close to the main port and allows them to provide a self-contained collection, storage, and distribution service. They handle containers and loose freight and provide easily customizable services to clients.

Prompt Warehousing also specializes in apparel and clothing, offering garment labelling, clothing repairs, alterations, and maintenance.

Prompt Warehousing Services and Specializations

Prompt Warehousing services include:

  • Full, computerized inventory tracking.
  • Short-term and long-term warehouse storage.
  • Large lots and quick turnaround services.
  • Pick and pack.
  • Complete order fulfillment and distribution services.
  • 24×7 patrols and security.
  • Closed circuit premises monitoring.
  • Customized storage and shipping solutions.
  • Apparel industry specialists.
  • Garment labelling and relabelling.
  • Button replacements.
  • Alterations and pressing.
  • Price tickets and hangers.
  • Pier pickup of container and loose freight.
  • Air freight pickup.
  • Deliveries to consolidators.
  • Deliveries throughout the USA and Canada.
  • eCommerce shipping.
  • Heat seal and heat transfer.

Prompt Warehousing Contact Details

International Warehouse Group

International Warehouse Group has been in business for more than 30 years and provides full-service distribution and warehousing. They work across all industries to provide specialized storage and logistics. They reduce supply-chain costs and provide complete online data on receipt, storage, inventory, and distribution.

International Warehouse Group Services and Specializations

IWG services include:

  • Real-time, online inventory tracking, from receipt, through storage, to distribution.
  • Global import and export services.
  • Distribution to retailers, distributors, wholesalers, and more.
  • Freight types include full pallets, loose cartons, displays, etc.
  • Product types include electronics, medical, garments, food, building materials, hardware, toys, gifts, jewelry, accessories, packaging, etc.
  • Palletizing and wrapping.
  • Complete picking, packing, and repacking.
  • Kitting and assembly.
  • Ticketing and labelling.
  • Fulfillment and shipping services.
  • End-customer tracking.
  • Replenishment ordering and stocking.
  • Indoor, outdoor, and trailer storage for all types of freight.
  • Racking and floor storage.
  • Temperature and climate controlled storage.
  • US custom bonded.
  • 24 hour guard and security camera system.
  • Reversed logistics for surplus products to inspect, refurbish, and repack them for resale.
  • eCommerce fulfillment.
  • LTL and FTL distribution.
  • Air, ocean, and rail freight pick-up.
  • Liftgate and flatbed services.
  • GPS tracking.
  • Consolidation, cross-docking, and transloading.
  • Pool distributions.
  • Brokerage, trailer leasing, and rentals.
  • Complete back office services including data entry, invoicing, pick tickets, pack slips, EDI, labels, allocations, compliance, administration, and more.

International Warehouse Group Contact Details

3G Warehouse

3G is a woman-owned warehouse and distribution business that started in 2009. They specialize in working with a client’s in-house transportation to provide a seamless addition to their storage and distribution capabilities. 3G is named because it’s owned by the third-generation of a family of experienced warehouse owners.

3G Warehouse Services and Specializations

3G services include:

  • Complete receiving and inventory control including sorting and segregating.
  • Palletizing and shrink-wrapping.
  • Picking, packing, kitting, and assembly.
  • eCommerce order fulfillment and dropshipping.
  • EDI capabilities.
  • Returns processing with full quality control reports.
  • Pallet and carton storage.
  • Item inspection and lot control.
  • Parcel manifest system.
  • Record retrieval and storage.
  • Portable crate storage for overflow goods.
  • Climate controlled storage.
  • Cross docking and consolidation.
  • Import and export container coordinating.
  • FDA inspection facilitation.
  • Freight bill auditing.
  • Distribution consulting.
  • Freight shopping and brokering.
  • Air freight services.
  • In-house contract carriers
  • LTL and TL shipments.
  • Same day shipping.
  • Liftgate and flatbed services.
  • Refrigerated transportation.
  • Cross docking and consolidating.
  • Procurement and replenishing across product lines including: Traffic supplies, electrical supplies, computer equipment, educational products, medical supplies, office furniture, recreational supplies, and clothing and accessories.

3G Warehouse Contact Details

Turamco Lines

Founded in 2010, Turamco Lines is a global cargo carrier, freight forwarder, and logistics company.

Turamco Lines Services and Specializations

Turamco Lines services include:

  • Storage and warehousing.
  • Picking and packing.
  • Cargo preparation.
  • Freight forwarding and NVOCC services.
  • Bulk cargo services.
  • Consolidation services.
  • Forwarding for land, air, rail, ocean, domestic, and international freight.
  • Cargo carrying for land, air, rail, ocean, domestic, and international freight.
  • Cross trade shipments.
  • Import and export management and documentation.
  • ISF and AES filing.
  • Freight tracking and tracing.
  • Customs clearance and cargo insurance.

Turamco Lines Contact Details

Dotcom Distribution

Dotcom Distribution specializes in e-commerce and retail logistics, offering comprehensive solutions by experienced management professionals. Focused on clients in their growing phase, looking for a multi-channel fulfillment space.

Dotcom Distribution Services and Specializations

Dotcom Distributions Services include:

  • International import and export coordination.
  • Cargo transport insurance.
  • Air, Sea, and Surface transportation.
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation.
  • Consular documentation and legalization.
  • Letter of credit preparation and presentation services.
  • Custom brokerage.
  • Compliance management and consulting.
  • Online custom filing and management reporting.
  • Specialized compliance services and consulting.
  • Pre-clearance, import surety bond, and remote location filing (RLF).
  • Drop-shipping for direct shipment to customers.
  • Inventory management.
  • Retail and wholesale B2B fulfillment.
  • Real-time reporting.
  • Omni-channel support.
  • Shrink-wrapping, branding, clamshells, and auto-bagging.
  • Retail sales packaging.
  • Gift boxing and custom cartons.
  • Serialized assembly and lot control.
  • Barcoding and serialization.
  • Build to order fulfillment.
  • Rework and refurbishment.
  • Specialized projects.
  • Transportation and freight management for domestic and international shipping.

Dotcom Distribution Contact Details:

  • Website:
  • Phone: (732) 287.2300
  • Email:
  • Address: 300 Nixon Lane, Edison, NJ 08837
  • Twitter: @DotcomDist


We hope you’ve found this breakdown of warehousing services in New York useful. Remember that if you run a warehouse, or you just need on-demand staff at a moment’s notice, the Wonolo app and temporary worker marketplace is your ideal solution.