Let’s meet CJ!

Hi, my name is CJ Julian. My pronouns are he/ him, they/ them, and I am on the customer success team. I’ve been with Wonolo for about seven months and I am located in the wonderful San Francisco Bay Area.

What’s the most exciting challenge you’ve solved at Wonolo?

As far as exciting challenges that I solved here at Wonolo, it would have to be brainstorming and collaborating on language that can be inclusive for the LBGTQI+ community and can encompass everyone. I want to make things inclusive for all users and employees of Wonolo. As a customer facing employee, I want to make sure that everyone is included, especially on how we address them.

What’s the skill you want to learn?

The next skill I want to learn is becoming a better leader and to take my career to the next level. Here at Wonolo, I use my current skills and now lead a meeting on how I execute for other team members to learn. That way everyone wins on both ends.

What’s one perk of working from home?

Oh I love this question! One of the perks is I get to spend time with all my little fur babies and show them love constantly all day while working. I love them by my side.

If you really knew me, you would know that…

If you really knew me, you wouldn’t know that I love the art of marching and color guard. It is my life away from work, family, and friends. I teach it after working hours, and basically I just want to share my knowledge with the students and have them apply it to the work that they do.