Did you know that the human resources industry is filled with some of the happiest workers in America? If you’re an HR veteran, the discovery might not be much of a revelation. After all, HR associates are often happy, resourceful people who are able to maintain a great balance between the best interests of the employees and the employer. That said, just because human resources is generally a “happy field,” that does not mean that it is always an easy one.

These days, human resources personnel are swept up in a new wave of technological innovation that has completely changed the experience of recruiting and engagement. This means that it is the job of the HR manager to keep abreast of all of the latest shifts, particularly when it comes to automation, hiring/staffing issues, and employment trends.

One of the best ways to keep abreast of all these trends is to listen to podcasts. Podcasts offer up-to-date info with fun and engaging commentary. We rounded up this list of ten top HR podcasts with an eye on professionals in Dallas, Texas. We know that commutes can belong in Dallas, and it’s important to have a way to pass the time. With these human resources podcasts, you can grow your skills while getting to work. So without further ado, here are some of the best HR podcasts that you should check out:


1. B2B Nation: HR

B2B Nation: HR

B2B Nation: HR is a part of the TechnologyAdvice podcast network, a group that provides content that focuses on emerging technology trends and how companies can most effectively integrate them. That said, even the least tech-savvy practitioners can reap the benefits of this show. B2B Nation: HR also has episodes that cover HR basics, HR in government, and even creative gamification in the workplace.

Here are three episodes to start with from B2B Nation: HR:

Creativity in Talent Management

Learning to Love Payroll

The Changing Candidate Experience


2. CIPD Podcast

CIPD Podcast

Boasting an archive of nearly 150 episodes, CIPD podcast is one of the most prolific podcast networks currently available to the HR world. CIPD also provides helpful supplemental materials to go along with each episode, such as full interactive transcripts, practical guidance, up-to-date research, and a list of topics, from HR, OD, L&D, and beyond.

Here are three episodes to start with from CIPD Podcast:

A New Dawn for OD

Integrating HR & LD

Gender Pay Gap Reporting


3. The Employment Law and HR Podcast

The Employment Law and HR Podcast

Each week, legal and HR expert Allison Colley covers a brand new topic before providing relevant examples of real-life HR-related court cases. Her repertoire includes issues such as wrongful termination, employee suspension regulations, mental health program implementation, and much more. For even more in-depth information on each topic, check out Colley’s ‘Useful Links’ section on her Stitcher episode pages.

Here are three episodes to start with from The Employment Law and HR Podcast:

How to deal with capability or performance issues with staff: Part 1

Adult ADHD: What do employers need to know?

Employment Law & HR in 2020


4. HBR Ideacast

HBR Ideacast

The HBR IdeaCast, hosted by Sarah Green Carmicheal, is a great option for those seeking a quick, yet informative listening experience. The podcast, produced by the Harvard Business Review, is a weekly show that covers the most current shifts in all areas of business, including HR and management. Some of its guests include John Kerry, Katherine Phillips, Bill Clinton, and James Patterson.

Here are three episodes to start with from HBR IdeaCast:

How Leaders Can Encourage Imagination

Understanding the Venture Capital Gender Gap

Why Smart People (Sometimes) Make Bad Decisions


5. HCI’s Nine-to-Thrive HR Podcast

HCI’s Nine-to-Thrive HR Podcast

One of today’s top HR podcasts is the Nine-to-Thrive HR podcast. The show, which is produced by the Human Capital Institute, features a new interview for each monthly episode. Some recent episode topics include the impact of the pandemic on the future of work, leveraging technology to improve engagement, and fostering effective leadership skills.

Here are three episodes to start with from HCI’s Nine-to-Thrive HR Podcast:

Helping Managers Become Caring Leaders

Strategic Workforce Planning: An Introduction

Overcoming Fear of Feedback


6. HR Happy Hour

HR Happy Hour

Hosted by human resources expert Steve Boese, HR Happy Hour is a popular podcast that serves as the audio centerpiece for H3 HR Advisors. This show has been in production for nearly ten years and has three sister shows under its HR Happy Hour Podcast Network umbrella – Research on the Rocks, HR Market Watch, and We’re Only Human. You can listen to and download episodes of all four shows on the HR Happy Hour website.

Here are three episodes to start with from HR Happy Hour: 

Addressing Mental Health in the Workplace

Understanding People Analytics Technology

Improving Employee Experience with HR Technology 


7. HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources

HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources

HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources is a bi-monthly show that tackles some of the toughest subjects that HR professionals are made to deal with today, like workplace transparency, virtual talent development, gamification, and much more. 

Here are three episodes to start with from HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources:

How Can HR Combat Unconscious Bias?

The Relationship Between Stress and Fear

Staying Ahead of the Recruiting Curve


8. Redesigning Wellness

Redesigning Wellness

Jen Arnold’s Redesigning Wellness Podcast “explores the world of corporate health to help employers build strategic wellness programs that engage employees.” Each week, Jen interviews a new guest, many of whom are powerful leaders in the HR and business worlds. Her focus is to provide listeners with a better understanding of how to best achieve a healthy corporate culture that emphasizes inclusiveness, compliance, and wellness.

Here are three episodes to start with from Redesigning Wellness:

Diversity and Inclusivity in Healthcare

Health Coaching for New Possibilities 

Turning Obstacles Into Opportunity 


9. That HR Podcast

That HR Podcast

People Management Magazine’s podcast is a monthly show that features many of the topics covered in the pages of the L&D and HR publications, such as social media recruiting, apprenticeships, workplace diversity, and many more. Each episode is hosted by People Management Magainze’s staff writer Emily Burt and includes expert guests from all realms of HR and L&D. 

Here are three episodes to start with from That HR Podcast:

What could HR do with better data?

Who actually knows what HR does?

Will the four-day week ever work?


10. TotalPicture


Peter Clayton’s TotalPicture: Talent Acquisition, HR Tech, Careers, Leadership, Future of Work podcast is a show that provides a unique, well-rounded view of today’s HR landscape. In addition to speaking on a wide range of related topics, Clayton also reports on the biggest annual HR conferences, including SHRM, HCI, Recruiting Trends, and HR Tech.

Here are three episodes to start with from TotalPicture:

Solving the Puzzle for Professional Woman to Stay In, Or Return to the Workforce 

How to Work With Influencers 

Big Data Rules HR