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According to an occupational employment statistic gathered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are roughly 120,000 warehouse/distribution managers working in the United States today. It’s a sizable number that continues to become more and more impactful as the days go on. With the recent explosion of rapid-fire e-commerce and omnichannel fulfillment, companies are in constant need of strong leaders who are knowledgeable, not only when it comes to warehouse facilities, but also in the function of supply chains as a whole.

If you are a warehouse, distribution, or supply chain manager, or just an aspiring one, who is interested in diversifying your skillset, it’s time to take advantage of the many resources on the market today. To eliminate your need for time-intensive legwork, we’ve compiled a list of the 50 best warehouse management training resources that the world has to offer, all of which have been produced by some of the most influential thought leaders and organizations around. Below, you will find an alphabetized list that conveniently breaks down each resource by category; thus, our 50 resources on warehouse management training are not ranked or rated in any way.

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Warehouse Management Associations

1. The Association for Distribution and Warehouse Management


ADWM offers support to those working in the distribution and warehouse management fields, no matter the sector. Members have access to a number of helpful resources, including publications, such as quarterly magazines and industry reports, discounted seminars and training sessions, salary information and counseling, and even recruitment services. For professionals interested in bolstering their credibility, an ADWM membership also includes a discounted Certified Professional in Distribution and Warehousing study course and certification.

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2. Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals


CSCMP has served as one of the longest-running professional associations for warehousing and supply chain professionals in this country. Like the aforementioned ADWM, CSCMP offers a number of helpful perks to its members, but what sets this association apart is its busy events schedule. Each and every one of these events is centered on a special theme and focuses on setting up scenarios that bring the best and brightest of the supply chain together. This particular association is a great choice for warehouse management looking to pick the brains of other supply chain professionals.

Cost: $40-$325 depending on the level of membership

3. Distribution Business Management Association


If the idea of widening your current professional circle interests you, look no further than the Distribution Business Management Association. This members-only group is comprised of warehousing, supply chain, and distribution specialists who are ready to share their knowledge and experience with you. Being a member means that you have full access to this association’s library of industry publications, exclusive educational opportunities, and access to innovative symposiums.

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4. Institute for Supply Management


ISM bills itself as being the “first and largest not-for-profit professional supply management association worldwide.” The organization has been in existence for a staggering 103 years and includes over 50,000 members across 100 countries. Being a member of this unique organization allows you to connect in more meaningful ways, on a completely global scale. And, because ISM prides itself on sustainability, you will be educating yourself on the latest “green” technologies. Some of the best membership benefits include free webinars, salary surveys, tools and templates, access to a bid specifications database, and regular newsletters.

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IWLA is proud to have served warehouse logistics organizations since the late 1800s. Over the years, the group has re-formed and, ultimately, merged with others to create one of the biggest, most influential organizations of warehouse professionals in existence. IWLA says that its members include all levels of management, from those running 10,000-square-foot, single-city warehouses to those leading 25 million-square-foot mega-operations. IWLA membership includes many bonuses, including certification opportunities, events, and 24/7 access to a library of important industry materials.

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6. MHI


Currently, MHI is the world’s largest material handling, logistics, and supply chain association. Because the organization takes on a diverse range of members as part of a cross-disciplinary approach, professionals who join are lucky enough to benefit from a variety of perspectives and insights. Members of MHI get access to a database of case studies, articles, and helpful tools to use on the job. Additionally, they are able to take advantage of a learning center that provides direct access to informative stats as well as a referral center for high-level certifications and degrees.

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7. Midwest Global Trade Association


MGTA serves businesspeople working in warehousing, distribution, supply chain, and beyond in the Midwest with the support they need to make strides in their disciplines. Since 1924, the organization has made a mission out of providing its members with professional development, networking, and exclusive industry resources that are specific to the region. Some of the best MGTA membership perks include access to a membership directory, an online job board, a global trade vendor finder tool, and even leadership/apprenticeship opportunities.

Cost: $25-$650 depending on the level of membership

8. Southeastern Warehouse Association


The SWA acts as a common ground for associates, managers, and warehouse companies that run in the Southeastern states, including Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Virginia, and everything in between. Like other organizations in this category, SWA has been around for a long time–since 1919 to be exact– and offers up a range of helpful resources to its members, including meetings, access to publications, and a busy activities schedule.

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9. Texas Warehouse Association

texas warehouse association

The Texas Warehouse Association is an incredible tool for warehouse professionals working at all levels, from pickers all the way up to warehouse managers. Members take advantage of a long list of benefits, but one of the best for managers, in particular, is the lengthy membership directory which includes workers of all different skill sets and certifications. This serves as a perfect hiring tool when on the search for new talent.

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10. WERC


The Warehouse Education and Resource Council, otherwise known as WERC, serves to unify global logistics professionals. The organization’s membership comes with some of the best resources in the business, like exclusive online learning opportunities that are curated for your discipline, a library of important resources, an annual conference and meeting schedule, WERCouncils (industry roundtables), and, finally, facility certification. For warehouse managers looking to get a professional boost by way of education and networking, WERC is a great choice.

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Downloadable Training Guides/PDFs

11. Advanced Warehouse Management Guide

advanced warehouse management guide

Warehouse managers searching for the most comprehensive warehouse management guide around need look no further than JD Edwards World’s Advanced Warehouse Management Guide, an extensive document that details everything from day-to-day organization to long-term compliance strategies, and beyond. The guide also includes an in-depth look at all of the Oracle JD Edwards World’s software options that are most commonly implemented in warehouses, including data sheets and resources that can be used to shore up your warehouse’s practices.

Cost: Free

12. The Definitive Guide to Warehousing

the definitive guide to warehousing

As detailed above, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) serves as a significant organization for warehousing and supply chain professionals. In its classic handbook, The Definitive Guide to Warehousing, the CSCMP provides innovative insight into a number of areas, including the overlapping of the warehousing and supply chain fields, inventory management practices, and even helpful safety and security overviews.

Cost: Free

13. Five Strategies for Improving Inventory Management Across Complex Supply Chain Networks

five strategies for improving inventory management

As part of its “CSCO Insights” series, Supply Chain Digest offers up valuable information on the potential pitfalls and triumphs that are involved in inventory management. In addition to containing industry-approved tips and tricks, the guide also features valuable, real-world metrics that can be applied to better inform your own warehouse’s inventory planning practices. To sweeten the deal, the PDF wraps up with a list of five of the most important strategies used to outline some of the trickiest-possible inventory scenarios.

Cost: Free

14. Inventory and Warehouse Management Best Practices

inventory and warehouse management best practices

The industry-leading software company DiCentral provides a unique, tech-savvy perspective in its Inventory and Warehouse Management Best Practices guide. The 82-page document begins with information on its signature SmartTurn software, but as the guide unfolds, the reader gets helpful management tips that cover safety and security, inventory management ideas, warehouse layout design strategies, and even other practices such as replenishment. A great source for managers seeking a comprehensive brush-up.

Cost: Free

15. Lean Warehouse Management: Challenges & Strategies

lean warehouse management

Another software firm, Handshake, has created quite a focused guide in its Lean Warehouse Management: Challenges & Strategies. In it, the company provides plenty of ideas that serve as sustainable models for today’s warehouses, particularly in regards to cutting down on the areas of waste that so many managers don’t build into their overarching strategies, like space, inventory, waiting, and defects. For an even more in-depth approach, be sure to check out the ‘Solutions and Strategies’ section.

Cost: Free

16. Promising Practices: Warehousing and Inventory Management

promising practices

SIAPS Program, a global organization that works to expand pharmaceutical and medical services, has compiled a thorough manual on warehousing and inventory management. It’s a guide that has universal information that can be applied to all sectors, but it’s especially relevant to warehouse managers working in the pharmaceutical sector. Its ‘Outsourcing’ section provides some lesser-known strategies for hiring and keeping outside help, even in the farthest reaches of the globe.

Cost: Free

17. Sustainable Supply Chain Logistics Guide

sustainable supply chain logistics guide

If your current focus is on building a more sustainable supply chain model, look no further than this guide, which was published by Metro Vancouver. In it, you’ll find a wide range of best practices and often overlooked strategies that can be integrated into a current plan. According to the organization, the four basic principles of supply chain sustainability are planning, storage, transportation, and reverse logistics, all of which are outlined simply and eloquently in the 40-page document

Cost: Free

18. Top Warehouse Management Training Resources

top warehouse management training resources

For the most complete guide on warehouse management training resources, check out Camcode’s manual. It includes a grand total of 50 helpful resources to build your management skills, and know-how, like webinars, tutorials, slide decks, and even how-to lists.

Cost: Free

19. Warehouse Management: A Complete Guide to Improving Efficiency and Minimizing Costs in the Modern Warehouse

As technology continues to become a cornerstone of warehouse management, it’s sometimes difficult to integrate the newest trends while at the same time selecting the ones that fit your operation the best. This guide considers the effect that emerging technologies have on the entire supply chain by giving managers a complete, 360-view of the processes, all backed up by real-life case studies.

Cost: $64

20. Warehouse Management: Second Edition

warehouse management

In her book, author Gwynne Richards delves deep into all of the factors that must be present to make up a well-rounded warehouse manager, including important roles that the manager must take on, from personnel, to process creation, and beyond. For cutting-edge insight on the importance of implementing new software technologies into today’s warehouses, be sure to read the ‘Warehouse Management Systems’ section.

Cost: Free

21. Warehouse Management Guide

warehouse management guide

SAP’s Warehouse Management Guide is a classic one. Though some of the processes described in the manual are now obsolete, the company does an especially good job of outlining the ones that serve as the building blocks for warehouse management, such as picking techniques, common sense handling methods, warehouse structure, and hazardous material management.

Cost: Free


22. 3PL Central Webinars


If you are, in fact, a warehouse management professional, chances are you’ve heard of, or have even taken advantage of, 3PL Central’s solutions. In addition to its innovative IT logistics products, the company also hosts regular webinars that feature a range of topics, from advanced software integration strategies of its products to more universal topics, like reducing hidden 3PL costs.

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APICS, an association for supply chain management and research, has a webinar archive on its website that is chock-full of helpful talks on all topics that concern supply chain and warehousing professionals. The association regularly hosts live webinars, with each one comprising of a 60-minute informative talk and a Q&A session directly following. Some recent webinar topics include career coaching, demand planning strategies, and product lifecycle management.

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24. APQC


APQC, one of the foremost leaders in benchmarking and best practices, hosts webinars that delve into some of the most important issues that supply chain and warehouse management face. Its archives are filled with a range of webinars hosted by authorities who have experience running successful businesses. As a bonus, each webinar comes with its own set of slides for easy follow-up and review.

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24. Essent


Essent, a technology company that provides solutions to all different sectors of business, has released dozens of helpful webinars over the years, but the company’s signature WMS topic is most helpful for warehouse managers like yourself. In it, you’ll be guided through a range of different subjects, such as inventory valuation, packing efficiency, and inventory replenishment. Most of the topics are presented within the Essent product framework, but they all contain plenty of universal information that can be applied across a scope of warehouse management systems.

Cost: Free

25. Lean Warehousing by Georgia Tech Supply Chain and Logistics Institute

lean warehousing

Georgia Tech’s Supply Chain and Logistics Institute regularly puts out the most insightful content seen on the market today. The organization has released a slew of webinars, but one that focuses on the topic of “lean warehousing” is it’s most relevant. This webinar is comprised of a sustainable warehouse how-to and is presented by one of the world’s authorities on lean warehousing, Brad Bossence, VP at LeanCor.

Cost: Free

26. JDA


JDA provides a range of customizable solutions for different industries, but the company has a particularly good reputation in the warehousing community. As part of its Future Webinar Series, JDA explores some of the top warehouse management trends that will be part of this next decade. In it, you’ll learn about next-gen postponement, automation, compressed order cycle times, collaboration, and more.

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27. Manhattan Associates

manhattan associates

Supply chain, inventory, and omnichannel authority, Manhattan Associates, has more than two dozen informative webinars posted to its site. These free, pre-recorded talks cover many different subjects that are relevant to warehouse management, such as automation trends news, a review of mobile POS deployment, and even common sense advice on associate management.

Cost: Free

28. Odoo


Odoo creates all-in-one business software, with some of its best tools found in its warehousing products. In Odoo’s “Functional Warehouse Management” pre-recorded webinar, we learn how to use Odoo’s Inventory App, but we are also provided with plenty of beneficial information on shipping and receiving and even multi-warehouse management.

Cost: Free

29. Effective Inventory Management by Pryor


Online education company, Pryor, is hosting an upcoming webinar taking place on November 13, 2018, entitled, “Effective Inventory Management.” It’s a lecture that is geared to anyone who works with inventory and will focus on everything from basic counting all the way up to advanced techniques like inventory cost structure identification. This event can be attended live or purchased for digital download.

Cost: $199 (Digital Download or Event), $248 (Digital Download + Event)

30. Stitch Labs

stitch labs

Inventory management software creator, Stitch Labs, regularly hosts webinars that warehouse managers of any experience level or sector would find relevant. The company is generous enough to provide anyone who would like to watch, a large archive of webinars that cover a range of inventory-related topics, such as flexible order fulfillment best practices, marketing and operations relationship-building, inventory management solution assessment, and many more.

Cost: Free

31. Supply & Demand Chain Executive Webinars

supply and demand chain executive

Industry news source, Supply & Demand Chain Executive, offers up much more than just breaking news, it also hosts more seminars than anyone else in the business. Typically, the publication focuses on emerging trends in technology and how they are set to influence supply chains as a whole, but it also goes back to basics with topics that include tangible advice that you can apply today, like risk mitigation and predictive analysis best practices.

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32. TradeGecko Webinars

trade gecko

TradeGecko, the global, cloud-based inventory management platform regularly hosts live events and webinars that anyone can attend. These webinars are particularly useful for warehouse managers struggling to come up with an inventory plan that suits an ever-evolving e-commerce business.

Cost: Free

33. Ultra Consultants’ On-Demand Webinars

ultra consultants

Ultra Consultants specializes in ERP selection for a range of diverse operations, but whether you use the firm or not, it still provides an archive of informative webinars for viewing. Most of these webinars focus solely on ERP integration, but there are still many more that cover a broad range of subjects, such as lean warehousing trends, manufacturing and distribution best practices, and cloud-based technology news.

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34. Warehousing Webinars by Webinara


Those searching for the best webinars on any subject, not just warehousing, need to look no further than Webinara, the platform that hosts and archives the Internet’s best. Currently, Webinara has four free warehouse management-themed webinars posted. These include “The Retail Hangover: Returns and Reverse Logistics,” “3 Practical Ideas to Reduce Inventory,” “The Warehouse of the Near Future,” and “Supercharge Your Inventory Management.”

Cost: Free

35. Webinars by Westernacher


Westernacher, an authority in integrated business and IT consulting, has a goldmine of webinars on its website that any warehouse manager would find useful. The topics covered in the webinars include everything from SAP yard logistics to planning and analytics and everything in between. To view upcoming webinars, be sure to visit its ‘Webinar Calendar’ page.

Cost: Free

Warehouse Management Courses

36. Distribution and Warehouse Management Course by American Purchasing Society

american purchasing society

The American Purchasing Society, a professional association of buyers and purchasing managers, offers a range of online courses. Its newest one, Distribution and Warehouse Management is most relevant to warehouse managers who are just transitioning into higher-level positions. It’s a convenient, self-running course that focuses on all types of warehouse management basics, such as design, facility types, and even distribution training.

Cost: $129



Warehouse managers who have the desire to diversify might be interested in obtaining a CLTD certification. When a professional holds a CLTD certification, it means that they are certified in logistics, transportation, and distribution, three knowledge bases that can propel the average warehouse manager to new heights. For this course, APICS offers self-study, instructor-led, and even corporate/group learning options.

Cost: Contact for a quote

38. Warehouse Management: Strategy, Implementation & Control by AZTech


This 5-day course takes place in Dubai, one of the globe’s most powerful commerce capitals. In it, attendees get a crash course on a number of topics, including warehouse structuring, Lean warehousing principles, inventory/SKU strategies, value chain theories, and creating KPIs that reflect a warehouse’s own metrics. Upon completion, each student is awarded an AZTech and a CILT certificate.

Cost: $4,950

39. Supply Chain Management Course by Brentwood Open Learning College

brentwood open learning college

Current or aspiring warehouse managers interested in learning more about the supply chain management discipline will greatly benefit from the Supply Chain Management Course, a 20-hour online class that covers the basics of a supply chain, including management and sourcing operations. Participants review a BOLC certificate upon completion of the course.

Cost: Free

40. Distribution and Logistics Management by ed2go


Distribution and Logistics Management is a 6-week-long course that, over 24 hours, touches on all of the basics, including customer demand, cost reduction, inventory management, and more. The course also gives students an in-depth insight into existing and emerging technologies used in distribution and logistics, such as ERP, bar coding, and EDI.

Cost: $149

41. Supply Chain Fundamentals: Warehousing Operations by Georgia Tech Professional Education

georgia tech

This CEU-certified online course presented by Georgia Tech is geared towards both warehouse associates and supervisors who are preparing themselves to take on a more proactive role in supply chain planning and management. Some of the topics include facility configuration, storage, and handling techniques, customer service considerations, and more.

Cost: $350

42. Warehousing Management by IIMM Courses

iimm courses

This 40-hour, self-paced course features the key fundamentals that every budding warehouse or supply chain manager needs to know, such as warehouse and supply planning, warehouse operations, quality, and IT. Though Warehouse Management is a relevant course for all markets, it is particularly beneficial to those who work in or with the Indian market.

Cost: Contact for a quote

43. Certificate in Warehouse and Storage Excellence by Meirc


Those looking to boost their legitimacy via a certification, look no further than Meirc’s Certificate in Warehouse and Storage Excellence program. In addition to the credential, students will also get an in-depth look at the strategic role warehouses play in the supply chain process.

Cost: Contact for a quote

44. Supply Chain Management Courses by Michigan State University

michigan state university

Michigan State University offers one of the most comprehensive supply chain management course rosters in the business. In it, participants will find dozens of different topics that are relevant to today’s warehouse managers, like distribution fulfillment, global inventory management, strategic sourcing, and many more. These courses are offered both on campus or online, depending on the current schedule.

Cost: Prices vary per class

45. Basics of Warehouse Management by Operational Excellence Training

operational excellence training

Udemy is currently offering a Basics of Warehouse Management course that was created by the experts at Operational Excellence Training. This particular course comes loaded with valuable extras, including 6 hours of on-demand video, 12 downloadable resources, lifetime access on mobile and TV, and a certificate of completion.

Cost: $14.99

46. Supply Chain Course by Oxford Home Study

oxford home study

Oxford Home Study offers this 20-hour short course on supply chain fundamentals, one that focuses on the building blocks of operational theory, which makes it a great choice for warehouse managers who are just getting their start. Students receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

Cost: Free

47. Warehouse Management by SAP Training

sap training

Those on the hunt for a comprehensive, university-level course will find a good match in SAP Training’s Warehouse Management. This fully-accredited class takes students through a 5-day management boot camp, in which they learn everything they need to know about both the discipline as well as how to best integrate their new knowledge by using SAP ERP.

Cost: $3,750

48. Introduction to Operations Management, by Stanford University


This intro course, which is taught on the Stanford University campus, puts students through a rugged, 10-week session that is designed to prepare them for management positions in warehousing, distribution, supply chain, and beyond. Participants receive 3 alternative university credits upon completion.

Cost: $4,200

49. Supply Chain Principles

supply chain principles

Coursera is currently offering a free, abridged introduction to Georgia Tech’s Supply Chain Principles course. In it, prospective students can benefit from a generous preview of the coursework and use it to determine their investment in the program. This course is streamable via the Coursera site.

Cost: Free

50. Warehouse Management by Technology Ed

technology ed

Technology Ed’s 20-hour warehouse management online course is comprised of an 11-module training program that includes topics such as management issues, warehouse functions, warehouse planning, and many more. Students receive a certificate as well as 2 continuing education units upon completion.

Cost: $295