Yong Kim

Yong Kim

  • Margot M CFO 2

Over the last 18 months, every single hire we’ve made at Wonolo was done virtually, without ever meeting the candidates in person. For many hiring managers, this is not something they are used to or comfortable with. The decades-old hiring norms are difficult to break.   

When I embarked on a CFO search at Wonolo during COVID, I faced a similar set of unknowns. It’s arguably one of the most important hires as the company prepares for the next phase of significant growth. I felt an immense amount of pressure to find the right CFO (and to do it virtually).

I spent many months talking to countless CFO candidates who were more experienced and talented than I was. Many of them could do the job phenomenally well. Yet, I found myself not being able to make a decision. It’s one of those decisions where I did not want to make too quickly. At the same time, however, I knew that the longer I delayed, the worse it would be for the company. Then, I met Margot Moellenberg.

The first few meetings over the video were business as usual, mostly focused on things that a CEO and a CFO would discuss. But there was something different about our interactions – we were both honest and vulnerable about ourselves. Not just about our strengths, but also our weaknesses. Not just about our successes, but also our failures.  

It was clear to me that she could not only help Wonolo grow, but also teach me how to become a better CEO. Today, I am so excited and grateful to have Margot join as our CFO and to build Wonolo together.

Margot brings decades of executive leadership experience working with international public and private companies across finance, marketing, human resources, sales, and customer success. In her most recent role at Four Winds Interactive, she grew from her initial role as CFO into the company’s president and chief operating officer. During her tenure, the company completed a strategic partnership with a leading investment firm focused on software, data, and technology-enabled businesses. She served on the company’s board of directors and was responsible for all go-to-market functions along with finance and human resources.

Prior to Four Winds Interactive, Margot served as COO of Western Union Business Solutions, where she oversaw operations for the company’s B2B division including the global payments platform, foreign exchange risk management, as well as international pension and payroll transactions. Moellenberg also held several leadership positions at Intelisys, Qwest Communications, US West and TeleTech (TTEC).   

Welcome to the Whamily, Margot! Onwards and upwards!