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Britt Miller

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Whether you’re a mom and pop operation that has never ventured into the realm of alternative employment practices, or you head up a Fortune 500 company that has long leaned on its trusty temp agency, there’s no question that timing can be a disconcerting element. Having the ability to swiftly bring on a slew of temporary workers seems like a great option when a crisis suddenly strikes, such as unforeseen peaks in demand or unplanned absences. But ready access to temporary workers isn’t just a good idea when these unexpected circumstances arise. In many cases, temporary workers can actually be best utilized when their addition is fully strategized by decision-makers and managers.

When You Should Hire Temporary Workers

So, if you hold a leadership position in your organization, it’s time that you get acquainted with the triumphs that your company will experience when you smartly formulate your temporary worker plan – before a crisis. (Hint: it’s all in the timing!) Here’s when you should consider bringing on temporary workers:

When You are in Need of Specialized Expertise

Long stretches of temp employment were once a negative on a candidate’s resume. Temp workers were often unfairly perceived as being unskilled, inexperienced, or simply unhireable in a full-time capacity. Today, thanks changing thanks to the rise of the gig economy and an increasing number of highly-qualified candidates – including those with specialized, hard-to-find skills and expertise – opting for the consulting, freelancing, or temporary workforce lifestyle.

It’s true that some temp agencies are happy to bring on unskilled workers or those who are new to the workforce, although it’s becoming standard for agencies to provide specialized training that best fits the needs of their client base. Some on-demand staffing platforms, like Wonolo, emphasize pre-screening candidates to provide clients with immediate access to a large pool of top-quality talent in specialized areas. This is a win for you, the client, as you get to reap the rewards of having a set of skilled workers ready to start or end at any time.

When You Can’t Afford a Lengthy Onboarding Process

Another great benefit of hiring temporary workers is the fact that you do not have to endure a lengthy onboarding process. Instead, these workers can jump right into a role that best suits your needs and their skillset. This detail is particularly valuable for HR departments in larger organizations that often get inundated by a constant stream of CVs, applications, and referrals.

Here are some of the things that on-demand staffing platforms do that you don’t have to:

  • They scout for talent: On-demand staffing platforms that pre-screen and qualify candidates do the work of finding qualified candidates with the skills and background necessary to hit the ground running, whether you need an employee to fill a single shift, a temporary leave of absence, or serve as extra hands on deck during special events. When executed correctly, this process can mean little to no ramp-up time on your part.
  • They conduct background checks: Leveraging temporary workers through a platform that conducts background checks can alleviate demands on your HR department, plus some services offer built-in legal compliance, making it possible to take advantage of access to a temporary workforce worry-free.
  • They offer a sense of security to temporary workers: If your organization is in need of a temporary help, your other options would be to pull from your pool of trusty contractors. Though this can offer you stability under the best circumstances, it’s unlikely that your contractor will be available at your beck and call unless you offer them a long-term, often lucrative arrangement. Lucky for you, this scenario can be totally erased by utilizing temps. As mentioned, these skilled workers are folks who have likely chosen to secure work through an on-demand staffing or temporary staffing service because of the benefits and regular work. So, when you hire temp, you don’t have to chase down and overpay a contractor.

When You Have Future Plans to Scale Your Team

When to Hire Temporary Workers

One benefit of bringing on temporary workers is the possibility of temp-to-hire arrangements, where you have the option of offering a temp a full-time position after an initial temporary period. That means that you get the opportunity to hire on an employee at the just the right time, when ready to scale your team and can make the commitment to a full-time hire.

Another enticing perk of temp-to-hire scenarios is that you will know exactly what you’re getting in terms of the caliber of worker since this person has already held a role, albeit a temporary one, in your organization before. You know how they relate to managers and fellow colleagues, you know their track record, and you likely have at least some sense of their long-term career goals. It’s an especially important point for organizations who don’t want to take the risk when it comes to hiring outside, a move that, as we all know, can disappoint in terms of quality, commitment, and reliability.

Now that you’re well-acquainted with the concept of timing in regards to selecting temporary workers, do your part to start conversations with key managers, and, of course, HR. Devising a temporary worker plan that enhances the long-term strategies of your company is best done before you have an immediate need, allowing you to have a solid backup plan you can fall back on whenever an unexpected crises arises.