Let’s meet Emily!

Hi, I’m Emily. I’m based out of San Francisco and I’m the senior product manager for the Wonolo app. The Wonolo app is what workers on Wonolo use to find and work jobs.

What was the first thing that caught your eye about Wonolo?

I was immediately drawn to Wonolo’s mission, because it personally resonates with me. My parents were blue-collar workers, both working 2 to 3 jobs simultaneously to make ends meet as immigrants when I was growing up. It was very tough for them to navigate the job market while trying to build a life in North America. Working to help people like my parents is fulfilling.

What was unique about your interview process at Wonolo compared to other jobs you interviewed for?

I was impressed by how apparent Wonolo’s culture and values were reflected throughout the interview process. Everyone I met was incredibly smart, kind, and passionate. The culture interview has various people across the company who understand and evaluate if you align with those values. After the interview process, I was confident Wonolo was a supportive and collaborative place to work.

What made you decide to join Wonolo?

I was excited by the opportunity to help Wonolo grow and impact people in tangible ways, helping support their basic needs. When we review our company performance. It’s translated into how many months of rent, food, childcare, and healthcare we provide for workers. It’s inspiring to see the real-world impact out of the products we build.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

I’m an avid snowboarder. This past year, I lived and worked from Colorado and Utah for three months. I like running and use it as an excuse to visit cool places. I’ve completed two half marathons; one in Yosemite and one in Copenhagen. I also enjoy volunteering and I’m a court-appointed special advocate for a foster child.