Britt Miller

Britt Miller

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CategoryArt-StartUps.jpgOne of the greatest joys derived from working on Wonolo is hearing the stories Wonoloers tell us about how the opportunities they came across through Wonolo have impacted them. This will be a series of those stories that we’d like to share.

Our first official tests were in December of 2013 around the Christmas season. Our first customer was dealing with a higher than expected spike in orders during the holidays and couldn’t staff up to handle it and agreed to give Wonolo a shot.

One of our first Wonoloers, Ameerah, had recently moved back to the Bay Area. Although she had never worked a fulfillment job, she was looking for something to keep her busy and bring in some income and heard about Wonolo, signed up and accepted her first job. Ameerah did the job a few more times, consistently receiving 5 stars, and was offered a full time position by the company. She gladly accepted, loving the atmosphere, the product, and the people with whom she worked.

What Ameerah later told us when we met at a community event was that she was actually an IT professional but was having trouble finding a job after her move because of the time of year, no connections in the area, and she thought because she was visibly pregnant some companies might be hesitant to hire her.

Although Ameerah would have never thought of working at a startup or taken a job that started in a fulfillment center, she loved it and it gave her the money she needed to prepare for her first child. And because all she had to do was push accept and not go through an interview process, she had the opportunity to prove herself and show she could do a great job – on the job, where it matters. We love this story.